The ballots for the members vote on the new community center are out! Please be sure to VOTE!

To download a pdf file of the business plan for this project CLICK HERE.

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Community Center and Swimming Pools

The RM Villages has two beautiful swimming pools and a very nice club house/meeting area. The RM Villas has a very nice swimming pool (that we used in the 1980's) and a much used meeting/conference room with kitchen. They don't have backyard swimming pools, but neither do most of us. It bothers me that some people think that the RMA is screwing with them. Not so, they have been very open and above board about the very desirable project which would enhance our community appeal and give the old folks as well as kids a place to get their much needed exercise.

William Gengler


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Well Said!!

 Well said Bill.  

This is a significant improvement to Rancho Murieta and we are thrilled to vote yes for the community center and pool.  I have read plenty of reasons to vote no but none of those reasons have swayed us to vote otherwise.  A community of our size should have a community center and pool for innumerable reasons.  The very least is a place we can gather as a community to celebrate, play and even debate.  This will be a place our children can showcase their athletic prowess and seniors can socialize and stay active.  

I've heard the argument to vote no.  Life is full of the unforeseen, that is why it is called life.  A full and complete accounting of the project has been carefully studied and the reality is there is very little risk in going forward.  The cost is negligible per member.  $50 a month for two years works out to a little less than $2.75 per day per household.  Once complete the cost will be less than .40 cents a day per household.  I can't think of a better investment for our community.  

Vote yes today for our community!!  

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I canceled your vote, Mac...

 We're gonna have a change here at the Manor.  Nowhere in our budget is there a line item that says, "fund this for the masses."  

You can come swimming at my house...might even make nachos for dinner (cuz even THAT will be an extravagant meal).

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Ballot is in the mail!

 Received our ballot yesterday and we voted a big ol' YES! This is a fantastic addition to our community, it was an easy choice to make.

Stephanie Alwazani 

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Community Center





On July 16th, 2011, the weather at Rancho Murieta was sunny and bright. The max temp was 100 deg.F.

Question: where do our youth have to go to get in the shade and out of the sun during the summer?

The Gazebo? Maybe the Gazebo at the lake, Or how about the Country Store?. I know, under the bridge, down by the river.

A Community Center has been discussed since we've been here, (25 years), our kids have grown up and are gone. I certainly would have loved a center here 20 years ago when Lake Clementia was a thorny weed patch. It would have really helped out our young and oh so broke family.

-So I vote yes! I am sure that the Community Center will:

-Be a benefit to our youth and our future.

-Will encourage the sale of properties to families with children., (who already want to move here because of our outstanding CR Elementary School)

- Will increase the value of everyone’s property, (all boats rise with the tide)

- Will make some young RM mom with youngsters very happy, (the kids too.)

- Will eliminate trips on Jackson Highway, (and thus the danger of that commute)

- Will add to the amenities that make Rancho Murieta a premier and desirable property.

- And I won't have to be visited by Jacob Marley, Dragging those noisy chains.

The last one was directed to those of you who said that their kids are grown up, so they do not want to participate. (Are you kidding me?).

Let’s not wait another 25 years. Ge 'er done!


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We Vote Yes!

Our family is excited to vote YES on this project.  A community pool will be a great gathering place for people of all ages, and a new center with additional meeting space will be most welcome!

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Community Center

With 2 houses in Rancho Murieta, I guess we pay twice as much for the Center.  Even though our kids will be aging out before it is built, I still believe this is an investment in our community and I'm willing to make that investment.  It's a Yes!

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in agreement with Martha

 I have been living on half my normal income for the past three years, so every dollars goes toward existing.  Let the parents of the youth in our community take care of finding entertainment using funds out of their own pockets, not mine.  I will be voting NO!

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With all of the lies and vitriol I have seen in recent days most of you on this page are a breath of fresh air.I am quickly growing weary of the negativity toward a project that is so crucial to our community. I understand that it is tough times and I get that this is not a great time to pony up extra money (not that it ever really is) but we need to understand the huge boost that this will bring to the community not just in entertainment but also to property values.


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Ponying up the extra money

What if we don't have the extra money--what if we are already struggling to pay our existing escalating obligations?

This question is neither a lie or vitriolic--just the facts, ma'am.

Cate Merritt Murphy

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Suggest Pool / Center Association

First,I am not a golfer but I like the RM golf Association approach. I view the pool/community center as something that would be attractive to a certain segment of our neighbors. Thus those that wish to participate would and those that do not should not be forced to do so. There should be a "membership" for those wishing to use this community facility, just like the golf association. The golf members do not force all neighbors to pay to support the course and club house. So I don't feel we all should be forced to pay for the pool and center. Often the argument that the pool and center would add value to our community, which I agree would but you can say the same for the golf courses. Note worthy in the business case is the lack of data that shows how many people already have a pool. Also my biggest concern is the operational costs that would never go away. I believe there is a very be poor staffing model under the section Assumptions used in the Annual Operational Budget page 30: Hours of operation: 7am - 10pm Mon-Sat, 10am - 6pm Sunday But they plan to hire 2 receptionists 10am - 6pm daily, 28 hrs each @ $12 per hr, no benefits The place is open until 10pm. They did not budget for receptionists from 6pm-10pm, when most working people would want to use the facility. Also Pool monitors 12pm - 6pm daily, Jun 1 - Aug 31, @ $10 per hr, no benefits Does this mean they did not budget for 6pm-10pm pool monitors? You notice they avoided using the word "life guard". And Daily maintenance and janitorial avg. 4 hrs per day @ $14 per hr, no benefits There is no way that large facility can be maintained in only 4 hours each day. As we all know building a facility is a fixed cost that is always underestimated. Hiring, training and maintaining quality staff is the largest cost moving forward. I believe those that choose to vote yes, should also be those that pay for it.

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