It appear CBS Sacramento broadcaster (Channel 13) is having a problem with their broadcast. We receive the local network signal off-air from the local broadcaster.

After working to insure the problem was not with our equi[pment, we called CBS and they said they were having a problem with their satellite feed?

We appear to be receiving the signal broken up and do not believe the problem we are seeing is in our network or equipment..

CBS 13 advised me they were working on the problem and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

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13 on Direct TV is also faulty

 Our Direct TV channel 13 is faulty today too. 

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Channel 13

 It is also out on Dish TV. A message appears onscreen, saying it is a system wide problem. Could there be a connection with this morning's meteor shower?

Bobbi Belton

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Another answer

I think all the disco-dancing at the club last night might have done something bad to the time-space continuum.

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Disco Dancing Space-Time Disruption?

I'm almost ready to believe it Ralph.

In my 40 years in Cable TV I can't remember a time when a problem turned out to be a bad broadcast signal from a major network (CBS). That just does not happen?

I spent hours switching equipment, switching antenna feeds and double and triple checking things....telling myself I must have made a mistake and missed something...because I could not believe a broadcaster was broadcasting a problem signal.

Even after I called and someone from KOVR told me they were having a problem I had Wayne (our tech) call to confirm. I just couldn't believe it. more Disco Fever!

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CBS Signal

 We just switched from DirecTV to RM Cable.  The turning off of the Fox broadcast tipped the bucket.

But we had been having problems with the CBS 13 signal for several weeks on our DirecTV.  I notice it on RM Cable too, but it doesn't seem to be as bad.

As Paul noted, it seems crazy that KOVR would broadcast like this, and it's been happening for a while.


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