On Saturday, Nov. 19th, a nasty storm blew onto the North Course during our annual Turkey Shoot. A third of the field pulled out during the round showing once again "real golfers" and duck hunters have something in common.  To quote the main man at UC Medical Center, Dr. Doug Kirk, you need fluids to sustain yourself in weather like this, preferably Maker's Mark.  His group held court in the 19th hole awaiting the teams that finished.  During the day, it rained heavily for 14 of the 18 holes.  The results were:

1st Place: Dennis Dachtler, Barry McCarron, Jon "Cowboy" Neubert, and Mike "Always in the Money" Martel

2nd Place: Steve Jones, Fran McDermott, Scott Adams and John O'Brien

3rd Place: Jeff Frost, Tom Lewandowski, Pat Hickey, Paul Anderson

4th Place Tie: John Nichols, Mark Kendro, Bob Gransee, Mike Whalen;  Scott Machen, Bryan Hottman, Randy Underwood, Kirk Steele

Closest to the Pins: Scott Adams, Dennis Findlay, Steve Jones, Doug Kirk

Our next event is the popular Ham Hunt on December 17th.  Two man Match Play against an opponent of your choice or be paired with an opponent.  Win your match and win a Ham, lose your match and get a Spam.  Every team playing will receive a bottle of "pain Killer" when registering.  Visit our website www.RMMensClub.com to sign up or entry forms in the golf shop.  

Bob Gransee, Publicity

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