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In October, the Niners had a 2 BEST Ball Postable Fun Tournament on Oct. 26th with the winners as follows:

  • First Place: Andrea Johnson, Marti Gatlin, Carol Kenobbie and Ann Petterle with a team score of 54
  • Second Place: Elizabeth Meyer, Cheryle James, Mary Silvis and Cathleen Riebe with a team score of 61
  • Third Place: Gloria Lawrence, Elle Skurla, Toni Vaughn and Frances Aguilar with a team score of 64

On November 2nd the Niners had a Texas Scramble with the following winners:

  • First Place: Elaine Fowler, Cathleen Riebe, Toni Vaughn with players rotating in order hitting for the 4th player with a score of 42
  • Second & Third Place: 2 teams tied with a Score of 43 with a tie breaker on hole # 12, tied again with the second  tie breaker on hole # 14, scored 6 and 7
  • Second Place:  Renee Renwick, Marti Gatlin, Gloria Lawrence, Judy Somers
  • Third Place: Mary Beth Alameida, Elizabeth Meyer, Judy Benjamin and Sally Montagne

On November 9th, the Niners held their annual Turkey Shoot series.  The Results were as follows:

First Flight

  • Laura McAllister with a net of 36
  • Mary Lou Dininger with a net of 38
  • Mindy Jenkins with a net of 41
  • Mary Beth Alameida with a net of 41

Second Flight

  • Marti Gatlin with a score of 41
  • Ann Petterle with a score of 43
  • Elizabeth Meyer with a score of 44
  • Carole Kenobbie with a score of 44

Third Flight

  • Toni Vaughn with a net score of 39
  • Judy Benjamin with a net score of 40
  • Elle Skurla with a net score of 44
  • Mary Carroll with a net score of 46

Fourth Flight

  • Barbara Buzdon with a net score of 41
  • Betty Ferraro with a net score of 43
  • Jo Ann Patwell with a net score of 50

Congratulations to all of you Niner Winners!  Job Well Done!

And Wishing All of You a Very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Day!



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