The RMA Maintenance Department will launch a range of tactics in an attempt to help clean up the beach and amphitheater at Lake Clementia. With a large number of geese (up to 200) leaving their dropping in the area, it creates both a blemish on the area’s beauty and a potential health issue. A single goose can produce from 1.5 lbs. of dropping a day, leaving a maintenance problem of hundreds of pounds of geese dropping to deal with daily.

All of the efforts will focus on non harmful methods to make the geese want to move to other areas without hurting any geese. The first attempt will use noise to encourage the geese to move to a quieter, more peaceful area. Computer controlled propane powered noise guns will be used, as well as computer controlled goose distress calls (combined with predator calls and perhaps predator decoys), all under video surveillance for security of the equipment. The best results for control may be obtained by using a combination of several different control methods and changing tactics often to prevent geese from becoming conditioned to any one of them.

All noise devices will be placed carefully to insure they minimize the sound heard at homes around the lake and of course will not be used at night.

Using non lethal methods to move a settled goose colony is difficult at best, and while we hope to see results from these efforts there is no guarantee of success.

Those interested in learning more about the problem of non-migratory geese at lakes and golf courses and the difficulty in solving this problem, may find the following links to be helpful.


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