On an overcast and blustery Saturday on May 21, forty two teams competed for the honor of being the Champion Golfers of the Spring Invitational. Before the dust settled on Saturday afternoon, two teams saw their chances of winning "go bye bye in the big car" when they played the Shamble format rather than the Better Ball in round two. 

As Donald Trump would say on the Apprentice, "You're Fired."  Say adios to Fran McDermott and Travis Simas along with their partners.  After Sunday's last two formats, the Champion's this year are Randy Stoker and Brandon Shephard.  2nd Place went to John Nielson and Tim Pettengil.  3rd Place went to Keith Fudge and Ben Courtright. 

Kudos to event chairman, Dennis Guertin for putting on another great event.  Food, drink, and course conditions were top notch.  Results are as follows:

Scramble Saturday

1st Flight:  1st Stoker/Shephard; 2nd Machen/Thomas; 3rd Sakai/Work

2nd Flight:  1st Fudge/ Courtright; 2nd Alves/ Horch; 3rd Crawford/Grevious

Better Ball Saturday

1st Flight:  1st Bryan Hottman/Steve Thue; 2nd Velez/Raber; 3rd Kwan/Greco

2nd Flight:  1st Whalen/Adams; 2nd Fudge/Courtright; 3rd Miyagi/Miyagi

Shamble Sunday

1st Flight: Hottman/ Thue; 2nd Baker/Kokotas; 3rd Smith/Morphy

2nd Flight:  1st Alves/Horch; 2nd Reynolds/Haviland; 3rd Fudge/Courtright

Aggregate Sunday

1st Flight:  Stoker/Shephard; 2nd Baker/Kokotas; 3rd DaCosta/Curewitz

2nd Flight:  1st Crawford/Grevious; 2nd Martel/Sather; 3rd Immoos/Lucke

Closest to the Pin (Sunday only)

#2 Corrigan; #6 Thue; #12 Grippi; #16 Stoker

In the Saturday afternoon Shoot-Out a unique thing happened.  The team of Steve von Seeger and son, Stefan along with Bruce Boal and son, Patrick were scheduled to compete.  Like a race horse, Steve and Bruce pulled up lame, and never made it to the starting hole due to fatigue.  Patrick and Stefan teamed, and walked away with the title of Shoot-Out champs.

Saturday Skins:  Round 1

1st Flight Net: #6 Boal/Boal

2nd Flight Net:  #4 Fudge/Courtright; #5 Miyagi/Miyagi; #6 Schweitzer/Schweitzer; #7  Guertin/Moe

Saturday Skins: Round 2

1st Flight Net:  #11 Stoker/Shephard;  #14 Velez/Raber;  #15 von Seeger/von Seeger

2nd Flight Net:  #13 Hays/Borkowski; #14 Fudge/Courtright; #15 Crawford/Grevious

Sunday Skins:  Round 3

1st Flight Net:  #4 Wolf/Federico; #7 Wolf/Federico

2nd Flight Net:  #6 Crawford/Grevious

Sunday Skins:  Round 4

1st Flight Net:  #11 Nielson/Pettengil

2nd Flight Net:  #10 Crawford/Gervious; #12 Marsac/Grippi

Our next event is on Saturday, July 23rd.  We call it Poker Run.  It's a two man better ball format.  Get a net birdie and get a playing card, net eagle 2 cards, double bogey or higher loss a card.  Best 5 cards in your hand wins the Poker Run Pot.  Sign up on the Men's Club website at rmccmc.com or entry forms in the golf shop.

Bob Gransee

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