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Saving Our Lakes & Open Spaces shares its February 2018 Community Update with news about our Saturday at the Back Lakes, which was a huge success, and a look at Rancho Murieta's oaks. Click the small image below to see the full-sized newsletter in PDF format.

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SOLOS "Save our Lakes" Theme

"Save Our Lakes SOLOS": I'm perplexed. How would building custom high end home estates around our lakes destroy those very lakes according to your theme? Certainly EIR issues (e.g., drainage) would need to be answered prior to County BoS approval of such tentative subdivision maps. And how would such high end homes here destroy our individual property values? Seems according to realtors just the opposite would occur; our individual property values would increase by continuing development of Rancho Murieta as the exclusive upscale satellite community within the entire County. And wouldn't RM Country Club's financial position and amenities available to the community be enhanced by the greater number of members likely to join the RMCC from such high end estates as opposed to unaffordability from lower level entry level tract/production homes? And wouldn't such a flourishing club and community center add to our individual values? SOLOS earlier pitch to zero estates in the lakes parcels areas by offsetting that with agreement to allow developers much greater density tract/production homes in the middle of Murieta, such as the Murieta Parkway Terraces parcel area, with non-conforming houses adjacent to The Fairways custom homes, certainly would detract from those homeowner's values and would not add members to RMCC. SOLOS latest pitch, through CSD, to have ratepayers buyout all remaining undeveloped parcels in North Murieta as well as the Country Club properties, and leave all that land in natural state in perpetuity, would image Murieta as a built-out stagnant dying community, much less provide no new membership to RMCC essential for solvency and growth. And who would buy in Murieta faced with a prohibitively expensive Bond/Mello Roos to be paid, with the cost of such a purchase? With that disaster, its easily predictable where our individual property values would head. Additionally commercial development such as the proposed Mall stores and Raley's depends on predictable roof tops to be added; if this zero growth train gets much farther down the tracks, will they continue projects that do not pencil out? Please do not spend any more of ratepayers/members funds on studies of this zero growth nonsensical non starter. SOLOS magnificent effort to preserve open space and trails to the benefit of all is applauded; RMA, CSD, Parks and Murieta North developers appear to be working solutions with the County to this end, while "nudged" by entities such as SOLOS. It would be in Murieta North developers' best interests also, to develop high end custom home lots which conform to the existing style of Murieta's individual design homes, and which encompass consideration of all aspects such as maximizing open space and interweaving existing trails through lesser densities. Common pathways/trails circling all the lakes is a given, and non-negotiable. Unlike earlier PTF developers intent on non-conforming high density tract home/cookie cutter building on the cheap and running away, Murieta North partners are here for the long haul as are all of our neighbors. Preserve Murieta through responsible, controlled development! 

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