Two-time grandma shares baby photos


Neighbor Billye Ericksen shares the photos and story: "The pictures are from the first robin's nest in the rafters of my home. For the longest time I was sure there were three baby robins and then saw that there were four! They all did well under the fantastic parenting of those two hard workers and all flew away over a period of two days. I started taking photos on 5/14 and finished the shoot on 5/27. And now there is another set of robins who have made a nest at the other end of my deck and they have picked the hottest time for nesting. Still no sign of the new babies. However, I set out a tray of water to offer some relief. I will keep you all posted. Last year there were two sets of robins who nested in the same places and when they started 'sizing up the place' from the safety of the back yard weeks ago, I realized that this is their home and I am so lucky to be second-time grandma to the robins." Click the photos for a larger image.

E. Jane White takes Handicap Tournament

Posted by Rancho Murieta Women's Golf Club
The RM Women’s Golf Club held its “Handicap Tournament” over one week, June 13, 15, and finishing on June 20.  Golfers, who were not able to participate in the three rounds, played in “Follow the Field” on the last day of this tournament.  The last day was extremely warm, but golfers persevered and enjoyed a wonderful summer luncheon followed with a general meeting.  Congratulations to all the winners of the three-day tournament: Read more »

Relay for Life raises more than $33,000


Photo gallery from the Relay for Life (23 photos) 

Rancho Murieta’s ninth Relay for Life wrapped up Saturday night as two dozen participants made a silent lap around the circuit, with luminaria lighted in honor of those who are fighting cancer and those whose lives were taken by the disease. The two-day event – dinner, golf tournament, team fundraising and relay – raised about $33,476 for the American Cancer Society, according to organizer Jolene Wegsteen. Read more »

Just be careful about freezer burn

Walk-in freezer sign

The Delta breeze made a tentative and welcome return Friday, but no need: Murieta Market is offering five minutes in the walk-in freezer with any purchase! They might have been kidding, but we won’t be when we buy a bag of ice and go all Murieta lawyer on them. At lunchtime, the National Weather Service said Executive Airport was 11 degrees cooler than Thursday, but by mid-afternoon, it was triple digits out and we were heading to Murieta Market. Saturday’s forecast high: 98. Sunday’s: 93. Monday’s: 87.

Cart overturns, driver injured

Cart accident


Currently 2 traffic incidents on Murieta commuter roads

  • 3:25 PM
    Traffic Hazard
    Us50 West / just east of Bradshaw Rd
  • 8:56 PM
    MZP-Assist CT with Maintenance
    US50 West / HAZEL AVE

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