Video slices of life in Rancho Murieta

A look at the magic and beauty of Rancho Murieta. (2018)

Rancho Murieta Country Club has been a cornerstone of the community since the 1970s. (2016)

Thanksgiving and Christmastime mean a collection of events in Rancho Murieta. (2014)

The Easter Egg Hunt draws hundreds of kids to Stonehouse Park. (2014)

Entertainment, Theatre & Culture for Rancho Murieta brings entertainment to our Lake Clementia every summer. Here's a look at one show. (2013)

The Country Club offers a summertime program for young golfers. (2014)

July 4 in Rancho Murieta is a long day. It starts early, with races, and ends late, with fireworks. (2014)

Rancho Murieta began offering garden spots to community members in 2012, and the program was an instant hit. (2012)

A look at the early years of Rancho Murieta, produced by community volunteers Marion Cravens, Dixie Eudey, Frank Falusi and Ralph Frattura. (2002)