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There’s cautious optimism these days at the Community Services District about the Rancho Murieta Association board decision to go after developer funding to rebuild the North Gate.  All in all, August was a quiet month, Security reports.

“It’s a long way to go, but I think it’s positive that it’s heading that way,” Security Chief Greg Remson told the CSD Security Committee Friday, referring to the North Gate.

He was reacting to a vote by five RMA board members last month to look into obtaining funds from the Pension Trust Fund for Operating Engineers. Under the terms of the Mutual Benefit Agreement signed by the RMA and the Pension Trust Fund, there is $1.4 million available to rebuild the North entrance.

"It looks like they're going to go forward with trying to get that thing done," Remson told the committee. "You never know what's going to happen, but I think that's a positive thing. Getting five RMA board members to agree on something is, at least to me, pretty encouraging."

The RMA board action came after directors balked at spending RMA funds for an extensive repaving project at the front gate. The repaving project is expected to be pared down and re-bid this month.

Directors Betty Ferraro and Steve Mobley said they had received phone calls from residents concerned about the road repairs RMA had proposed for the gate, and Mobley asked if the Escuela gate was going to used during the work.

Remson said using Escuela was one of the alternatives considered for certain times of the day, adding, "We're not even close to that yet." Remson said a Security officer would be stationed at the Escuela Gate if it was used during the roadwork.

Remson said he was told by RMA Maintenance Manager Rod Hart that with a reduced project, traffic lanes would probably be closed for only a few hours at night or the repaired areas would be plated to allow traffic use. "It's still up in the air exactly what's going to happen," Remson said.

CSD Security will continue to provide security services at the gate during the road work.

The following are Security's updates for August:

“Summerfest was pretty quiet,” but there were complaints about the fireworks, which took some people by surprise, Remson said.

The event kept the North gate busy with incoming traffic Friday and Saturday, and gate officers turned away about 50 cars, Remson said. “It seemed like they just saw the advertisement somewhere and thought it was open to the public, so we turned them around at the gate,” he said.

There was also a “teenage brawl” between a boyfriend and ex-boyfriend at the snack bar Saturday night. “No one heard about it until Sunday” when a parent reported it, Remson said.

A golf cart driven by a child ended up in Lake Clementia although there was an adult in the cart with him.

Remson termed it “a classic example of why you have to have a driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle, including a golf cart. … It went down to the point where only the roof was showing.”

An off-duty CSD water employee, Jeff Stanger, who was fishing at the lake, dove in the water and attached a rope to the cart, and then used his own truck to pull it out. “We thought that was kind of above and beyond the call of duty for Jeff to do that. … That’s just him. Some people are just like that,” Remson said.

The construction site at Cosumnes River Elementary School was burglarized last month. Thieves moved a bobcat that was parked in front of the construction trailer and stole tools during the night. “They just cleaned them out,” Remson said. A sheriff’s deputy investigating the theft provided CSD Security with information about it.

A turkey crashed through a dual-pane second-story window at a townhouse on Chesbro Circle Aug. 28.

Homeowner Ruth Lecheler-Moore told RanchoMurieta.com she was on a business call at the desk in front of the window about 8 a.m. when the bird hit and the glass shattered. It wasn’t immediately apparent what had happened because the turkey was entangled in the window blinds, she said.

Security was called, and brought in RMA Maintenance to corral the bird and chase it out. The bird flew away after it was shooed from the home. Lecheler-Moore received minor cuts from the glass. “She was lucky,” said husband Jim Moore.  

Turkey window

After the turkey crashed through the townhouse window, Security and two workers from RMA Maintenance responded and shooed the bird from the home.

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Fishing in the lake...

Lemme get this straight, an "off-duty CSD water employee" can fish at the lake, yet guests there without a resident get sent away?  I'm confused.  Thought anyone fishing on the lakes had to be with a resident?

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Fishing in the lake

Martha, he lives and works here. He is a resident.

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He's good now

If the CSD employee doesn't live here, I'm pretty sure he's now a lifetime guest of that family whose cart he pulled from the lake.

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Thanks, Jacque...

I guess if the "rescuer" had been an off-duty under-water rescuer, his job would be more relevant to the story.  *shrug*

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