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The candidates for two seats on the Rancho Murieta Association board of directors this fall will be incumbent Jack Cooper and former director Dick Cox.

Assistant General Manager Danise Hetland made the announcement Friday, following Thursday's filing deadline. The seats currently held by Cooper and Director Anne Denker are up for election in November.

Jack Cooper

Jack Cooper

Dick Cox

Dick Cox

Cooper is the president of the board and chairs the Compliance Committee.

Cox was elected to the board in November 2003, after pledging to become the incumbent board's "worst nightmare."

He resigned for health reasons in May 2005, but was sufficiently recovered by that August to finish out the term of a departing director. The board appointed Cox to the position and he served through November 2005.

During his time on the board, Cox was the treasurer of the association and worked to keep dues increases to a minimum.

A staunch opponent of development plans for the North, Cox openly supported the Rancho Murieta Development Concerned Citizens Committee, which marked a turning point in the anti-development group's standing in the community.

Cox was a frequent critic of the Community Services District, questioning why the CSD should be part of the Parks Committee and challenging how it ran Security. He talked about taking over gate operations from the CSD. At board meetings, he was often joined by fellow board member Mike Martel on these issues.

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Why Vote?

 " It's deja vu all over again"

John T Weatherford

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What will the candidates do about cable?

As pointless as this election might be, unless somebody shows up with a write-in campaign to make it interesting, I think it would be useful if every resident who is disgusted with the cable situation submitted a question for candidates' night asking what the candidates intend to do regarding making cable participation voluntary and self-supporting, and what will they do to move us toward getting a competent TV company to step in and take over. I ask now that the candidates answer those questions. And please don't tell me it's still under study or we're still waiting for results.

Meanwhile, sign the RMA Cable Freedom Of Choice petition if you haven't already, and urge your neighbors to do so. The Board has been given more than enough time to prove that the infusion of all of that money of ours would produce a system people would want, and the effort has failed miserably.

I don't fault anyone for not trying hard enough, and Lord knows they've tried. It just can't be done on the cheap, and can't possibly pencil out if adequately staffed and resourced. It was always a fool's errand to try to make this work, and all concerned who got saddled with the responsibility of accomplishing the impossible have my utmost sympathies.

But this dog don't hunt. It's preposterous to force members to pay over thirty bucks a month for a lousy cable service if they don't want it. We've experimented long enough with throwing money at it in hopes that it would turn around and become wildly profitable. We just don't have the expertise, the scale, the stability of staff, management or governance to do this. Would you invest your own money in a cable company's stock if it had the record of corporate instability and technical failure that RMA has racked up over the years? Have you seen ANYTHING in the past two years' endeavors which gives you confidence that RMA has suddenly turned a corner and now knows how to run a commercial business and a highly technical electronics system?

It's time to put down the gun and let those who wish to leave the cable system leave it. IF, miraculously, RMA can produce a product people would voluntarily buy, the system can support itself. But it's currently afloat only because RMA sucks over thirty dollars a month at gunpoint out of hundreds upon hundreds of households who don't want their lousy product and are already buying a replacement service from one of the satellite companies.

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