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Coming soon to a can near you -- a label with the dos and don'ts of recycling.

It will be part of an effort by the Community Services District to improve the community's track record in recycling because less than half of what residents place out in cans at the curb is now being recycled.

Instead, residents sent 53.6 percent of it to Kiefer Landfill in 2006, according to the company that contracts with the CSD to haul away the community's garbage, green waste and recyclables.

Rancho Murieta's diversion numbers are part of the consolidated results for the county.  Overall, Sacramento County sends only about 39 percent of its trash to the dump, exceeding the 50-percent diversion goal mandated by state law.  So Murietans are a step or two behind the goal and many steps behind much of the county.



Stickers like this help Folsom residents with their recyclables.

"I think there's a tremendous opportunity here for the community to do a little better," Jack Fiori, vice president of California Waste Recovery Systems, told the CSD board earlier this year, when he presented the report on 2006 hauling operations. "We need to remind residents that magazines and junk mail and envelopes, catalogues and newspapers, glass jars, glass bottles, metal cans ... those can all go in the recycling container."

One way to do that turned out to be no farther away than the recycling bins of CSD staffers who live in Folsom. Every time they lift the lid on their recycling cans, they see a label listing what belongs in there and what doesn't.

This month, the CSD Communications and Technology Committee looked at a photo a staff member provided of the label and liked what they saw.

General Manager Ed Crouse said the cost to print stickers for the community's cans is between $2,000 and $2,500, and it would cost an additional $2,000 for California Waste Recovery Systems workers to them on each recycle container. The committee recommended staff look into having the scouts, school or service groups do it as a community service.

The stickers would have the added benefit of eliminating any confusion about which can in the lineup is the recycling container.  

The solid waste collection budget will provide funding for the labels, according to CSD Director of Administration Les Tyler.

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Save a Few Bucks

Instead of having California Waste Recovery stick them on the recycle containers, save $2,000 and distribute to the community. I think we can put stickers on the inside covers of our recycle containers.

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Do you really expect...

Sorry I disagree, we can't even get everyone to vote in an RMA election...do you really expect every resident to put a sticker inside the cover of their recycle container? I can pretty much guarantee you that those who don't care or have the time to stop and think will continue to do what they are doing.


As far as placing the stickers and saving a few bucks, I think using the Scouts is a great idea.


For myself, would rather place the sticker in my pantry where I keep a recycle bin. I already have the Waste program posted in there and would like to add this new list. By the time a person gets out to the actual recycle can, it may be too late.

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Save Money ~ Hire a Community Teen!

I think it is silly to spend $2000 for the placement of stickers when there are teens looking for a chance to make money and willing to work hard to earn it. I am a teen  (13 1/2) who lives here, and I have recently put a classified ad on RM.com looking for miscellaneous jobs to earn tuition for a Student Ambassador trip I would like to be part of next year.

I would be happy to get a full list of RM addresses, take the stickers to each persons house, and either hand them the sticker to place where they want or put it on their can for them, and I'd be happy to do it for much less money than $2000!

Please consider my offer, or at least take a look at my ad and see if there is anything I can do for you or pass on my name and number to a neighbor or friend!


Save $$$! Hire a hard working, motivated teen with a good cause!


Thank you,

Matt Hatcher

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Good Point

You make a good point, I guess I wasn't being realistic. Frown


The Scouts or a hard working teen would most likely provide better results.



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Think out of the box

The way to do this is co-ordinate with the Waste Company to find out where they start each route. Then start at sunup and run ahead of them on each route on the recycle days and place the stickers while containers are in the street before they are picked up. You would get these out in one week probably with 90% coverage.


The only problem is this would have to be done in the AM on weekdays and may not be do-able for Scouts or a hardworking teenager. On the other hand if a couple of teen’s teamed up they could probably cover a route in 2 or 3 hours. At 35 cents per sticker they could split about $800.00.


John T Weatherford

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Would like to be able to print off a copy of the label

It would be great to be able to print a copy of this new label, something we can click on and then print.


We keep our recycle bin and old lists inside our pantry and I'd like to have the new copy posted there. By the time you get to the recycle can it may be too late.

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Printable list of Murieta recyclables

Here's the list.  Click "Print" at the bottom of the post if you want your own copy.

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