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The Community Services District received reports of discolored water from households on Puerto, Camino Del Lago, Camino Del Sol, Rio Oso and Orilla Way in Murieta North when water service resumed Thursday afternoon after a three-hour scheduled shutdown.

CSD General Manager Ed Crouse said the district received five complaints about brown water after service was restored in Units 3 and 4. He said workers are flushing water lines in the affected areas.

He asked residents who are experiencing the problem to notify the CSD by calling 354-3700, and to flush the lines in their homes until the water clears.

Crouse attributed the problem to increases in water pressure that occurred as a result of turning the water off and then on again. He said the variations in water pressure had a scouring effect on the pipes and dislodged existing sediment buildup.

Residents were notified on Tuesday that water service would be turned off during work that was performed in preparation for the Rio Oso tank rehabititation project scheduled to begin Oct. 15.

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