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Rancho Murieta Association President Jack Cooper said Wednesday that the board's all-day goal-setting session on Saturday will be open to members. "It's an open meeting. ... People will not be able to participate, but they will be able to observe," Cooper said.

There was no public announcement of the session until Cooper referred to it as a factor in deciding to release the preliminary budget to members Oct. 8, the following Monday.

After Cooper's mention of the meeting, Murietans questioned in story comments whether the session would be open.

Cooper said the planning session was always intended to be an open meeting, as required by law. "I was assuming we were following the same procedure as in the past," he said.

The meeting takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Country Club.

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Thank you

Thank you, Mr. President and members of the Board, for doing the right thing regarding member observation of Saturday's planning session. And it does seem reasonable enough to dispense with member comment to streamline this unique special meeting, inasmuch as there are no "action items" to be acted upon that day.

We look forward to the Board's reaction to the continuing calls for prompt release of the proposed budget BEFORE the weekend, so that members (especially those with "day jobs") may have a full and fair opportunity to study it before next Wednesday's budget workshop.

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