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Red square See the RMA letter here

The Rancho Murieta Association is asking the county to force developers to clarify documentation, discovered in the last two weeks, that seems to say most of the undeveloped land in Murieta North was annexed to the RMA in 1980.

The finding could snarl development proposals that were within days of almost certain approval by the county.

John M. Taylor of Taylor & Wiley, lawyer for the developers, said Monday afternoon that the documents have no bearing on the decision facing the county Wednesday.

"The issue on Wednesday afternoon is the board’s land use authority," he said. "It has nothing whatsoever to do with what homeowners association does or does not have authority over these properties. I’m not going to get into a dispute what those documents do or do not say. I’m simply not going to do that. What I do know is what’s going on Wednesday afternoon is the board exercising its land use authority. And I do know that those documents in no way negate the board’s ability to exercise that authority."

A brief press release issued Monday morning by the RMA said the question was filed with the county on Friday by Berding & Weil, the RMA's legal counsel.

The RMA's letter, by attorney Steven S. Weil, says a declaration of annexation was filed Dec. 31, 1980, and followed up with another filing, making a correction, two weeks later.

"Although difficult to trace because of the metes and bounds descriptions in the exhibit," the letter says, "it appears that most if not all of the 'Rancho North' property ... may be within the property included in this legal description."

After making the discovery, the letter continues, the RMA tried through title search to determine if the annexation had been rescinded but could find no evidence of that. The letter asks the county supervisors to require the developers to resolve the question before further steps are taken.

Forcing new development to annex into the RMA has been a key issue for those opposing the development. Developers have refused to annex.

Taylor, the developers' lawyer, said the issues raised by the RMA have no bearing on the county's decision.

"They’ve submitted a whole bunch of documents," he said of the RMA. "I know what they say in their own letter … they put it as a ‘may’ proposition -- that annexation may have occurred in 1980. … I find it very odd though that if annexation did occur in 1980, then why … the governing board of the entity to which they were allegedly annexed entered into a mutual benefit agreement … with the property owners of these projects."

RMA Director Mike Martel, who is heading the RMA's effort on the annexation question, was reluctant to share the letter and documentation Monday afternoon, indicating he wanted it to be revealed at the county meeting Wednesday. Taylor, the developers' lawyer, shared the 13-page document, which can be seen in full here.

Martel said the RMA had its counsel "do a little bit of research because we don’t want to spend too much of our money, but the information we did with the title company indicated to us that we could not find any other document" to contradict "what we think is true – that the property has been annexed in."

"We’re not the property owners," he said, "so we’ve asked the county to make sure that the developers that own the property if they can prove (the) de-annexation or that it never was. ...

"The research that we’ve done, we’re pretty confident. … We believe the property has been annexed in in ’80 and ’81."

The developments proposed for Murieta North would add 282 homes to the community.

The supervisors certified the environmental document for the Residences of Murieta Hills East and West and the Retreat projects on a 4-1 vote at a hearing in October. Supervisor Don Nottoli, whose district includes Rancho Murieta, cast the sole dissenting vote. Comments by the supervisors at that session indicated Wednesday's vote would have a similar outcome.

Coverage of that meeting is available here.

The supervisors meet at the County Administration Center, 700 H St., Sacramento. The agenda and related documents for Wednesday's 3 p.m. hearing are available here.

The meeting can be viewed live online here.

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Great news! Thank you to the RMA directors for their dedicated research regarding Murieta development proposals. Through their discovery, it appears, an Annexation Declaration was filed in the 1980's for Murieta acreage which may include the proposed development property.

Note-- this declaration was filed 20 years before the developers even came to town. This is monumental news to citizens, to the county and, I can only imagine, to the developers.

Annexation, although just one concern of citizens, is important in more ways than the obvious. Annexation allows Murietans to influence the type of development proposed. It allows residents to have at least some level of control over our own destiny.

Annexation allows us to impact the level of grading to hillsides, as well as to (whenever possible) site proposed construction around existing trees, rather than accepting the environmentally detrimental approach which 4 supervisors (other than Don Nottoli) have indicated they will otherwise approve.

Questions which have already been sent to the county are:
1. Can the county approve the development map on Wednesday, December 5th, in light of this new information?

2 Does the county need to re-circulate the Final EIR in a new Draft edition (at least the land use/planning sections of the EIR) to comply with the CEQA requirements to reveal all new and vital information?
3. Can the county certify a Final EIR on Wednesday before that draft recirculation occurs?

If you have any questions about development issues, feel fee to email me at PatCan85@aol.com or you can call my cell at 955 2027. Thank you.

Candy Chand

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How did the developers miss this?

Where was this document filed and how did this escape a first year law clerk when looking at development?  What a circus but I think all this will do is force the developer to be a part of RMA which isnt the worst thing on earth..... I can hear the earth movers and the mexican construction site music now....

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This could put control back

This could put control back in the hands of the RMA and the people of this community. I don't hear any earth movers, but I do think I hear some yelling coming from a few offices here downtown.



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Thank you

Kudos to Mike Martel and the Board not just for discovering this but also for bringing it out into the light. Wouldn't have always been handled this way....

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