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The Rancho Murieta Community Services District says completion of the Rio Oso water tank rehabilitation project could be delayed until June 21. Residents in Unit 3 and 4 on the North are asked to continue to conserve water by following the landscape watering schedule the CSD imposed in April and by not watering at all during the peak period between 5 and 10 a.m.

The delay is due to a problem with the protective coating that was applied to new roof beams before they were installed in the 80-foot diameter tank, the CSD says. The tank had been slated to go back online June 7.

“This will be particularly important as we move into June,” CSD Director of Field Operations Paul Siebensohn said Friday. Information about the conservation measures is available here.

The 1.2-million-gallon tank, three decades old, supplies the pressurized water system that serves the area above the second Guadalupe. It was taken out of service last fall and an alternative supply system was put in place for the duration of the project.

Rio Oso tank

The new completion date for the tank rehabilitation is June 21.

As the project entered its last stages, Siebensohn said a paint expert was brought in to address “a few minor issues” and found a bigger problem -- the coating on the roof beams hadn’t been applied properly and could eventually peel off.

“Luckily, we caught it now,” he said. “In the interests of doing this project right, and doing it right the first time, we’re having the main contractor redo the coating on those beams.”

The recoating will be done in place after the beams are taken down to bare metal, and the cost will be borne by the contractor, he said.

The total cost for the rehabilitation project is more than $1.3 million, which includes development of the offline alternative, contract services for engineering, construction and project oversight, replacement of the roof, beams and other components, seismic improvements and painting. The funding comes from CSD water facilities replacement reserves.

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Tank not Finished

I hadn't heard anything on the tank repair in a while (or I missed it).  The completion date was pushed back to Jun 21, 2008.  I called CSD today and repairs have not been completed.

The person I talked to was unable to provide a new expected completion date.  She did state that the individual who would be able to provide additional info was out of the office.

Bottom line - water restrictions for Units 3 and 4 remain in place.

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