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The north end of the new wooden pedestrian bridge was hit by vandals overnight, Security Chief Greg Remson told the Community Services District Security Committee Tuesday.

The vandals used paint to deface metal signs at the bridge, the CSD lift station nearby, and a Country Club gate, he said.

Although a metal support beam on the bridge was hit, "no wood was touched at all, which is good," said Remson.



 RMA Maintenance workers had removed the graffiti by mid-morning.  (Photo: CSD Security)


By midmorning, maintenance personnel had removed the graffiti.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Security at 354-3743.

In response to vandalism at golf course restrooms, the Country Club is looking into paying Security patrol officers to lock up at night, Remson said at the meeting.

There are three restrooms on each course, but the one on the 14th hole of the North Course is the main target for graffiti, he said. "That's because that's a cut-through for kids. … They take the path of least resistance. … That's the direction they took when they took the stakes and hit those cars on the second Guadalupe."

The metal stakes are used by the club on the courses. Vandals threw two of them at several cars parked in driveways on Guadalupe Drive the night of July 9, causing over $1,000 in damages.

Remson said the club currently pays about $2,800 a month for security services, and locking the restrooms would be an additional charge.

General Manager Ed Crouse said calls for service, dispatch, gate traffic and routine patrol are "embedded" in the club's cost.

Security services are a tax, he explained. He said studies were done to determine the tax rate after a proposition passed in 1997 required a special tax for any services the CSD provided beyond water and sewer. As a result, "each user group has a patrol component and a gate component," he said.

Residents who live behind the gates pay a security tax of $21 a month.

Remson's update for July included the following.

  • On July 17, cars left unlocked in driveways on Lindero and Carreta lanes and Guadalupe Drive in Murieta North were targeted by thieves who rummaged through two cars, and took an iPod and Kodak digital camera from a vehicle on Guadalupe.
  • Reports of mountain lion sightings have dropped off. "What started happening at the end is some of those sightings turned out to be a house cat," said Remson. He added that state Department of Fish and Game personnel predicted there would be mistaken sightings due to heightened awareness.
  • Remson said he was looking into reports that residents on the South didn't receive the automated phone alerts the sheriff's department authorized during the Sunday's hunt for two armed suspects. North residents did receive calls about the search and capture.
  • Although the command center was set up in the community, the search focused on the rural area adjoining Rancho Murieta, where the suspects were separately apprehended before noon.
  • A Security patrol officer assisted law enforcement with logistics and terrain information at the Rancho Murieta Association maintenance yard which was used as a staging area by SWAT teams, Remson said.
  • Around 4 a.m. July 20, a 19-year-old resident and his friend alarmed a newspaper delivery person by trailing him on his rounds. The resident then came through the North Gate too fast for the vehicle's barcode to be read, and stopped after hitting the gate arm. He was approached by Security personnel who contacted the CHP after smelling alcohol. Although the CHP determined the resident's blood alcohol level was .07 and therefore slightly under the legal limit, "Under 21, you get point-0-nothing," said Remson, referring to the alcohol level. "They towed his truck, they took his license, and they graciously released him to his mother."
  • Despite recent hires, the department is still short one patrol officer, Remson said.
  • Remson credited the relatively quiet July 4 celebration to the fact that it fell on a weekday, it was hot day, and there were six highly visible uniformed off-duty sheriff's deputies present. "I know a big part of that was the Country Club supplied a round of golf," Remson said of the deputies who chose to work here on the holiday.
  • Speeding and driveway parking led enforcement categories with the most citations and admonitions for the month.

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