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Lake Calero

While no one is saying our water worries are behind us, it's clear Rancho Murieta's reservoirs are nearing capacity.  Saturday afternoon, a breezy stretch after the late-week storm, Lake Calero was lapping at its banks, a far cry from mid-January. At a Community Services District meeting this week, it was reported the community's reservoirs were at 84 percent of capacity. Click "Read more" to see this scene a month ago and another set of photos from Calero comparing then and now.

Calero before

In mid-January, a receding Calero was ringed by dry lake bottom.

Boat ramp, before

On the west side of Calero in mid-January, the area of the boat ramp featured bathtub rings marking the lake's descent to worrisome levels.

Boat ramp, after

Saturday afternoon at the same location, no more rings, just water birds enjoying the lake.

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