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The Cosumnes Community Planning Advisory Council will review the South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan at its meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday (Jan. 24). The conservation plan, which covers 317,655 acres, includes Rancho Murieta. It is intended “to minimize impacts to and permanently conserve the native species and all natural communities of the Planning Area, while allowing for planned future urban development and other Covered Activities that comply with local policies and regulations,” according to the plan website. CCPAC is a volunteer planning advisory group that makes recommendations to Sacramento County Planning and Environmental Review. The council meets at the Wilton Community Center, 9717 Colony Road, Wilton.

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CCPAC Meeting

CCPAC meets in the Wilton Community Center. The community center is actually the old multi-purpose center at the Dillard Elementary School.  It is the small building next to the school.....on the left hand side of Dillard Road as you are heading south toward RTE 99.

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RM not included in conservation plan

Following the meeting, CCPAC member John Merchant reported that Rancho Murieta and property owned by indigenous people are excluded from the conservation plan. (The meeting agenda says Rancho Murieta is included.) Rancho Murieta is excluded because it is within the county's urban services boundary.

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Conservation Plan lands

From the Plan itself: 

"The Plan Area excludes the northern portion of Sacramento County, the northern portions of the City of Rancho Cordova, the City of Sacramento, the City of Elk Grove, the City of Folsom, the sovereign lands of the Miwok Tribe, and the Sacramento County community of Rancho Murieta (see Figure 1-1). These areas were excluded from the Plan Area because they were either significantly built out, would not use the SSHCP, or were not likely to benefit from the SSHCP due to the absence of listed species or their habitats. The sovereign lands of the Miwok Tribe are not included as the tribe is not a proposed Plan Permittee."

The lands surrounding Rancho Murieta, including the Deer Creek Hills Nature Preserve, are in the plan.  Here is a link to the Plan web page:  https://www.southsachcp.com/ 

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