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A group of rafters on a professionally guided tour were working the Cosumnes south fork at Granlees Dam at sunset Thursday, as seen in photos by neighbor Alicia Correia. She says there were two rafts, two kayaks and about 10 people. Alicia adds, "The people had no idea they were in Rancho Murieta. I told them if my pics came out well I'd ask you to put up a good one on RM.com." (Thanks, Alicia!) For the photo you really want to see, with the dam spillway payoff a few seconds before, click to the next page. Click photos for larger images.

Rafters 2

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Thank You Alicia and RM.com

Thanks for the awesome pictures here and on Facebook Alicia.  We were able to show them to my brother Scott and he enjoyed them immensely.  It reminded him of the times he used to kayak down the Cosumnes River on those rare high flow days and going over Granlees dam over 20 years ago. As a whitewater enthusiest, he more than most gets why you risk life and limb to get that adrenaline rush of being one with the river.  You helped make our day with him yesterday.  

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Granlees Whitewater Rafters

Great stuff, and good to see adventurers still lurk, even here in tranquil Murieta. Don't ever let that spirit die. BTW, where's the other seven rafters (of some 10) referred to?

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