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The Community Services District reported Friday the first tests are back, and the Lake Clementia swim area does not have a problem with fecal coliforms. Further tests are pending.

On Monday, the CSD reported a Murietan's child had been diagnosed with a Giardia infection, which the Murietan believed had been contracted at Clementia.  The CSD ordered tests for Giardia, Cryptosporidium and coliform.  The coliform results were expected back in two days, while the other tests are more complex and were expected to take 10 days, the CSD said.

In Friday's announcement, the CSD said the Giardia report may have been premature, since the resident now says it's possible the child was infected elsewhere.

The CSD reported the coliform test found levels of 79 MPN/100ml, while state guidelines set the threshold for beach closure at 400 MPN/100ml.

In the announcement, the CSD passed along information from the county Public Health Department and county Environmental Management Department, which told the CSD that no agency is tasked with regulating swimming in natural bodies of water and that those using such areas should be aware of the possible risks.

See the CSD's full Friday announcement, which includes tips on how we can help protect each other from recreational water illnesses.

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