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Club winnersRancho Murieta Country Club announced the results of the election for three board seats at its annual meeting Thursday night. Elected were Bill Armstrong, Mike Martel and Elizabeth Meyer. An assessment of club members was approved. This is the first of two board elections the club will hold this month.

Here are the vote totals, as announced by Chris Pasek, the board secretary:

  • William "Bill" Armstrong: 156
  • Mike Martel: 151
  • Elizabeth Meyer: 133
  • Richard "Dick" Brandt: 122
  • Jeff Frost: 122
  • Gerard Ortner Jr.: 116
  • Jon Snyder: 113
  • Kenneth "KJ" Johnston: 97
  • Herman Kramer: 34
  • Daniel Klaff: 20

The member assessment – $40 a month for golf members, $10 a month for social members – passed by a 281-92 margin. The outgoing board repeatedly urged members to approve the assessment to keep the club afloat.

Armstrong recently ended three years as the club's volunteer general manager. He has been allied with the outgoing board, which advocated filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a way to deal with the club's financial woes. Martel and Meyer were allied with candidates who opposed the Chapter 11 option.

The new board elected Clint Souza as its president. Souza, the prior board's vice president, will be termed out of office at the end of the year, which means a new president will be seated with the new year, when three more directors will take their seats.

Owing to the recent failure to sell the club, and the dislocation that lasted 18 months, the election held Thursday should have been held a year ago. The three elected Thursday are serving terms that will end Dec. 31, 2019. In the next several days the club will send out ballots for a second election – for three terms that begin Jan. 1 and end Dec. 31, 2020. Those ballots are due back by Oct. 31.

All of the candidates who didn't win Thursday night are entered in that election, along with Vince Lepera, the past board's president.

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