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Country Club winnersCandidates who don’t want Rancho Murieta Country Club to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection won all three seats in election results announced late Tuesday afternoon. Winners of board seats were Jon Snyder, Richard “Dick” Brandt and Gerard Ortner Jr. They’ll take office Jan. 1.

Here is the vote count:

  • Jon Snyder: 196
  • Richard “Dick” Brandt: 182
  • Gerard Ortner Jr.: 179
  • Jeff Frost: 125
  • Kenneth “KJ” Johnston: 106
  • Vince Lepera: 98
  • Herman Kramer: 37

Thirteen candidates filed to run in the club elections this fall. There were two elections because none was held last year, during the stretch when it appeared likely the club would be sold.

The elections were a referendum on the possibility of the club filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to deal with a $3 million problem with a union pension that’s underfunded. Three candidates argued that Chapter 11 was the best possible choice, while eight other candidates opposed Chapter 11.

In the first election, which closed Oct. 12, members elected Bill Armstrong, Mike Martel and Elizabeth Meyer, who took office immediately. After that outcome, six remaining candidates opposed to Chapter 11 threw their support behind the three who won Tuesday. With Tuesday's results, a majority of the board has expressed opposition to filing for Chapter 11.

Two weeks ago, the club sent a letter to the Operating Engineers, saying the club wants to amend or terminate the contract when it expires on Dec. 31, according to Clint Souza, club president until the end of the year, when his term expires. 

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Congratulations, good luck and best wishes to Jon Snyder, Dick Brandt and Jerry Ortner, and to Bill Armstrong, Mike Martel and Elizabeth Meyer, as well.   And, thanks to Vince Lepera and Jeff Frost for their service.

Quality people, all.

Al Dolata

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Congratulations to Country Club winners

I congratulate the members of RM Country Club  for electing new board members who will change the approach to the Club's problems with new eyes.  Hopefully, the new majority will come up with new approaches to the financial challenges the Club faces. It was time to let the old guard go and let fresh ideas come to the rescue of the Club. I will be watching and supporting their ideas if they make financial sense - which I expect they will.

Herman Kramer

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