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The news that Arnold Palmer died Sunday at age 87 suggests the local memory that his company helped redesign the North Course 30 years ago, and it was the scene of one of the oddest shots of his career. Click the image below to visit RanchoMurieta.com's Facebook page and see a FOX40 video about the shot.


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Arnold Palmer

Great video of the great Arnold Palmer. Seeing my sister and myself in the video brought back a flood of memories from that day. I happened to live next to the 16th green at the time and I had heard that Arnold was about to play the hole so I ran up to the green to watch him play, as many people did. When I got to the green I saw my mom’s best friend who introduced me to her mother (the woman in the video). As it so happens, as I was shaking her mother’s hand a ball came ricocheting thru the gallery long and left of the green and next thing we knew the ball was sitting on top of her purse. We stood and stared at each other in shock not knowing what to do. Soon enough, the King saunters up and starts reeling off one liners to the delight of the crowd. One line that the camera didn’t pick up was when Arnie walked up and saw the ball on the purse, he said, “does anyone have a purse wedge I can borrow?” In classic Arnie fashion, he chipped to about 3 feet and made the putt for par. He will be missed.

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Thanks for the memory

Great story, Matt. Thanks for sharing it. 

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