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Country Club logoRancho Murieta Country Club golf and social members can expect different monthly dues soon – with some members paying more and some paying less. About 120 members Thursday night heard the club board explain the need to eliminate the promotional dues structures in effect for many members since 2013 and 2014.

The club says its lawyer advises that the promotions, which offered a permanent dues reduction to both existing members and the new members they recruited, could be in violation of corporate codes and tax laws because they have benefitted some members but not all.

Introductory dues discounts are a time-honored recruitment tool when offered for a limited term, the club said, but problems arise when the discounts have no end date, as was the case with the club’s “Recruit and Reward” golf membership programs in 2013 and 2014 and the “Grab’n the Gold” program to recruit social members in 2014.

Speaking Saturday, club officials offered the state of things today: In round numbers, 170 members pay the full golf rate of $600 a month, and 208 members pay the promotional rate of $400 a month. On the social membership side, 387 members pay full social dues of $105 a month, while 79 pay discounted dues of $63 a month.

“Therein lies the problem,” General Manager Ron Svien said Saturday. Beyond potential legal problems and fairness issues, he said the arrangement forces the club to charge new golf members $600 in dues, which is a very hard sell.

Svien said the board expects to set uniform dues numbers in the next month, and then probably roll the changes out at another meeting.

At Thursday’s meeting, which lasted 45 minutes, Mike Martel, the board president, said the club wasn’t prepared to discuss the potential dues changes then, but he encouraged members to share reasonable suggestions with the board through an email address, board@ranchomurietacc.com.

No other membership categories will be changing at this time, members were told, though other categories are being reviewed and will be addressed later this year.

“The board’s being very, very careful on this,” Svien said, “because ... we don’t want to lose members. We hope we don’t lose members.”

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CC Dues

This continuing inequity is the reason that I resigned from the club after 16 years and a $15,000 cash entry fee (non refundable).  I know that I am not missed nor do I miss the treatment I received from RMCC!!

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