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Photo gallery: Pickleball social and play (5 photos)

John Vigil, the Country Club's tennis pro, huddles with 16 players who came out midday Saturday for a pickleball social to inaugurate the club's courts. Portable nets have been used to convert a tennis court into two pickleball courts, and Vigil paired up players for some pickleball play. The courts are open for pickleball to club members and their guests except for 7 to 11 a.m. on weekend days or if there's a tournament in progress. Some players chafed a bit at these restrictions and asked Vigil if the pickleball stripes could be painted a color with more contrast. (The stripes are hard to see – blue on a blue court.) Vigil promised to work with club management to see about the change. He also pointed out an advantage to club pickleballers – the court lights that will let them play after dark. Fans of the game have been pushing the Rancho Murieta Association to add pickleball courts beyond the ones at Riverview Park and the courts RMA added last year at Stonehouse Park. (Click for larger image)

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