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Thank you to the Board of Supervisors, especially to Supervisor Don Nottoli, for authorizing the initial update to the Master Plan, in response to citizen requests. It is a much needed, an excellent, beginning.

It's important to note, the developers (who were supposed to fund the $100,000 study, after receiving their map approvals) have never paid back the county. This should not come as a surprise, considering developer history in Murieta.

As for testimony: letters were sent  to the supes in advance of the hearing, which, in part, generated some of the supervisors questions. 

In the meantime, research and concerns about the "manipulated 50%" as well as other data concerns are going before the state for review.

With CSD's former attorney and Ms.Eckard asking hard questions, I'm confident accurate water numbers will be found--in the end.

Candy Chand

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