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At Wednesday night's Community Services District board meeting, local developer John Sullivan delivered a proposal to build a water treatment plant for the CSD and lease it back to the district in exchange for water service for his planned development. The CSD board also adopted a plan to lock and unlock gates on roads leading to the Cosumnes River and the undeveloped back area of the community.

Sullivan's idea, which he said grew out of a conversation with board president Jerry Pasek, calls for the CSD to lease the plant for 15 years at a cost of about $23,000 a month in exchange for the CSD granting immediate water service to his development, the Murieta Gardens hotel project. The project is being reviewed by county planners.

Historically, the CSD's position has been that developers must pay for infrastructure and facilities their developments use, and work on these facilities doesn't begin until funding is in place.

The board invited the community to send in questions about Sullivan's proposal by the end of next week to slindenfeld@ranchomurietacsd.com. Sullivan will deliver written answers, the board said.  A workshop on the proposal is tentatively scheduled for next month.

Here is the core of a document Sullivan delivered to the board.

Vehicle access returns to back area

The board voted unanimously to accept a plan to lock and unlock gates on roads leading to the river and the undeveloped back areas of the community. The roads were blocked to vehicles after problems with vandalism and trespassing. The Pension Trust Fund, owner of the land, reached the gate-management agreement with the Rancho Murieta Association and the CSD. The board ordered Security to begin managing the gates first thing Thursday morning.

Questions about financial dealings

Sullivan and Director Mike Martel raised questions about the propriety of water service granted to units built in the past by developer Reynen & Bardis on the South.  Martel and other directors asked about a paper trail for the action or any indication that the board had approved it.  Martel said he believed the CSD was owed $900,000 plus interest for a decade. 

General Manager Ed Crouse said the approval was granted at his level.  He said the developer is obligated to build the CSD a water treatment plant to cover the debt, but the developer has declared bankruptcy.  In a presentation last month on the community's water history, Crouse said Reynen & Bardis provided a letter of credit for its share of the new water plant, and those funds have survived the company's bankruptcy. “That letter of credit is good as gold,” he told the board.

Martel said legal counsel would have to be consulted, and he suggested further questions be asked in closed session.  He promised a public accounting of the situation.

'Worst-case' budget, water and field operations

A “worst-case” proposed budget for 2013-14 will be sent to members with a planned 5.1-percent rate increase. Typically, the worst-case budgets are reduced before being adopted by the board. Two directors spoke of the need to manage expenses – and to have no rate increase at all.

Paul Siebensohn, director of field operations, offered his annual report, which you can see here.

A report on water usage was offered by Maddaus Water Management. You can see that report here.

A full story about the meeting will follow.  Live-blog coverage of the meeting is below.

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Show us the money

You mean Sullivan has already given up on the idea that we owe him water rights?

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Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! River access again! Very much appreciate the good people who made this happen. Mac Hamel! Thanks.

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Not Me - Adam Dubey

Thanks Nellie for the kudos but the real community gratitude should go to Adam Dubey.  Adam galvanized the forces, spoke with the right people and made sure river access was put on the agenda both at RMA and CSD.  Reasonable access for our community is restored to the river but we all need to be vigilant when accessing the Cosumnes.

We need to keep the area clean, no open fires and please no trespassing on our neighbors' property.  If you see such activity call security.  

Our family and many others are looking forward to many future hours spent at the river and enjoying the many recreation activities we have enjoyed in the past.

Thanks again Adam!!


The Hamel Family  

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Thanks Adam!

We appreciate you.

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