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Security Committee

CSD Director Tim Maybee, right, makes a point as General Manager Mark Martin, center, and Security Chief Jeff Werblun listen. (Click to enlarge photo)

A technology solution to holiday backups at the gate was discussed – and given a warm welcome – at the Community Services District’s Security Committee meeting Tuesday morning. The new system would use electronic codes on visitors’ smart phones.

Applications By Design Inc. (ABDI) of Boca Raton, Florida, is the software company responsible for the system used at the gates since 2017 to let Murietans register visitors online and get notifications when someone comes through the gate.

Werblun said another of ABDI’s products will email QR codes to visitors as directed by Murietans. (QR codes are used widely, including at airport gates, Starbucks and Sacramento Regional Transit.) The visitor then uses a smartphone to display the QR code at the gate, where the officer, working with an iPad, scans the code, hands the driver a paper pass for the dashboard, and lets the vehicle in, Werblun said, adding that the QR pass can’t be used again.

“Thank you. That’s where we need to be,” Director Tim Maybee told Werblun. At last month’s session, Maybee, a newly minted CSD director, said he didn’t want to see a repeat of the backups that happened at the North Gate on Christmas Day.

ABDI’s website says this product can also be used for mass mailing of passes to guests at events like golf tournaments or weddings.

Visitors can print out the QR codes at home if they choose, Werblun said. No one addressed the scenario, but it seems unlikely Security would be able to abandon paper passes entirely for some time to come.

Werblun said the cost quoted by ABDI for the electronic pass product is a one-time setup fee of $450 and $100 a month in ongoing charges. Integrating the program with the present GateAccess.net entry program and its database will carry a $150 one-time setup fee and ongoing charges of $65 a month for each device in use at the gate, Werblun said. Hardware – an iPad and a wireless router – would also have to be purchased, he said.

In response to General Manager Mark Martin’s caution that Security’s budget is extremely tight, Maybee, who was eager to get the system tested and running in time for July 4, said the money can be found in the community if CSD needs to borrow for a year before it can budget for the expense.

Werblun said he had reviewed some departmental history and found that backups at the gate have occurred on Mother’s Day, July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas going back at least a decade.

In other business...

  • Werblun shared word, via Rancho Murieta Airport, of an eight-year prison sentence given to a man charged in thefts from airport storage units and suspected in thefts from cars on the South late last year. Werblun’s written report to the board said investigators got a lucky break when the suspect dropped his cell phone in Rancho Cordova, where he stole a pickup and trailer full of landscaping equipment. The report said the suspect had been living with residents in Murieta Village.
  • Maybee encouraged the CSD and RMA to begin coordinating contacts with juveniles, so repeat offenders are addressed instead of falling into the bureaucratic cracks. He suggested the topic be discussed at the Joint Security Committee meeting, which will be held at the CSD 6 p.m. Feb. 28.
  • Maybee and Director Les Clark discussed with Martin the need to re-establish trust with the RMA and integrate CSD into the RMA’s compliance process. “We all have some baggage we’re bringing to the table, some more than others,” Maybee said of past friction between the organizations.

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Smart Phones and Gates

What about folks that don't have smart phones?  I do but there a are a number of folks who do not.


Betsy Guzzetta

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People should be able to

People should be able to print out the e-pass on paper

Jeff Werblun
Rancho Murieta CSD Security Chief

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Digital gate pass

i am not knocking the idea but having an elderly parent, many of the elderly do not use computers or technology to any extent.  They are left out or have to find help to figure things out.  Just don’t forget about them.  Maybe go talk at a caregivers meeting and ask about it.

Betsy Guzzetta

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OK that it's not for everybody.

Some folks don't tech, it's true.  Those people can still interact the traditional way with the gate officer.  But if this cut the transaction time in half for just HALF of those entering on a July 4 or other big day, it could make a huge difference in the potentially hazardous backup on the highway.

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gate entry

Since everything these days is computer driven, it should be possible to print a bar code (one time use and taped to a rear window) that would enable guests to utilize the resident lanes instead for presenting paper/phone screen to the gate guard. A bit of research and computer networking might be necessary to get this operating. The gate guard approach doesn't add much value but it does cut processing times.

Jerry Pasek

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