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Red square  A PDF file of the meeting slides can be downloaded here

1. Introductions and background
In this section, Jerry Pasek, CSD board president, introduces the session and says it aims to address misinformation that has been spreading in the community. Darlene Gillum, CSD general manager, reviews CSD water rights and reservoirs in this segment.

2. Where are we today?
This segment examines our water storage, Cosumnes River flows and the CSD’s pumps and their pumping rates.

3. Development and water
Do we have enough water? A look at the data that have led CSD to believe we do.

4. Drought in Rancho Murieta
State and CSD actions to deal with the drought. Our per-capita water consumption in Rancho Murieta. The water plant expansion, including who is paying for it.

5. Audience questions and comments
Some of the things audience members asked about:

  • Cash for grass
  • How Rancho Murieta can preserve its comfortable water situation when the rest of California is suffering
  • Community enforcement of water conservation measures
  • The question that took the most time and drew the most audience enthusiasm: Instead of using augmentation fees to dig wells or deepen reservoirs, why not spend those millions to buy open land from the developers and create a buffer around the reservoirs?

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