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May is Water Awareness Month, and the Rancho Murieta Community Services District is reminding residents to use water efficiently as the weather warms up. “We are not asking residents to conserve water, we are asking them to use water more efficiently,” said General Manager Ed Crouse.  To help, the CSD is offering several irrigation related rebates through May 31.

 A rebate of up to $50 is available for the purchase and installation of rotator head sprinklers, up to $100 is available for the purchase and installation of a weather based irrigation controller, and up to $50 for purchase and installation of a drip system. Toilet and washing machine rebates are also available for water savings inside the home.

“Our reservoirs are full and we’re topping them off now, but that’s no reason to waste water. Who knows what next year brings, so it’s always prudent to go into the fall with our reservoirs as full as possible,” said Paul Siebensohn, director of field operations. Residents are reminded not to overwater during the summer, since plants and grass only need to be watered three times a week to stay healthy, according to the CSD.

”Residents tend to forget that over-irrigation leads to runoff carrying oil and grease, herbicides and fertilizers to our ditches, creeks and ultimately the river,” said Rob McLeod, utilities supervisor. River-friendly landscaping promotes efficient water use and helps reduce runoff.

Information from the CSD about Water Awareness Month is available here.

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