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The Community Services District will hold a community workshop 2 p.m. today on a developer proposal that would change the way the CSD finances facilities needed for development.

The workshop will address developer John Sullivan’s proposal for rebuilding and expanding the water treatment facilities.  Sullivan, a Murietan, wants the plant for his Murieta Gardens hotel project.  His proposal would commit the CSD to funding about $4 million of the cost.

CSD directors are urging the community to attend the session.

Until recently, the CSD board has been united in support of a decades-old policy of having developers pay in advance for infrastructure needed for their development.  A majority of the board seems ready now to change.

The meeting will be held at the CSD Building, on Jackson Road across from the South Gate.  Here's the agenda for the session, and here is the board packet for the meeting.

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No Bid Contract?

Can CSD really enter into a $4 million dollar "no bid" contract?

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I would think not, Paul

I think their oversight agency at the State would find that mighty suspicious - especially on a contract for that kind of money.

I'm sorry I couldn't get back in time today to attend the meeting.  I hope it was recorded.


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Whose attention should we

Whose attention should we bring this "no bid" contract to so that it can be stopped before any damage is done? Or is this one of those things that has to be done before things like Grand Jury involvement and charges filed?

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