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DISH announced Saturday afternoon that it had reached a new long-term agreement with Tribune Broadcasting to reinstate its channels to DISH in 33 markets, including FOX 40 in Sacramento. Murietans who receive Greenfield Communications' basic TV package weren't impacted by the contractual dispute, which lasted 11 weeks, because Greenfield found a work-around that allowed the channel to be seen.

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Dish - Fox 40!


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....and now my TIVO's channel guide is missing several channels

When I returned after the weekend, my Tivo told me it was going to update the  program guide.  When it was done, channels 2-8 (including KXTV, KOVR, KCRA, KMAX, and possibly others?) had vanished from the guide.  they can be entered manually and work, but no guide info and most importantly no ability to set recordings from the Guide.  Which kind of reduces the value of spending hundreds on a recorder.

I can't be certain that the two phenomena are causally connected, but it sure looks like the process of notifying Guide providers of the Fox restoration inadvertently caused the deletion of these non-Dish-provide (local) channels.  channel lineup data is provided to the Guide programmers  from each cable company, in this case Greenfield.

This is becoming quite wearisome.  c'mon, guys!  get it together!

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