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Facing a drought unprecedented in Rancho Murieta’s history, the Community Services District board of directors voted Wednesday night to declare a Stage 2 drought emergency.  Under the declaration, residents are asked to voluntarily reduce water consumption 20 percent this month.  The reduction becomes mandatory Feb. 1. All landscape watering will be prohibited from Feb. 1 until March 9, since irrigation isn’t necessary in late winter. After that, watering will be limited to twice weekly.  Plans for tiered water pricing to encourage conservation will be brought to the board’s next meeting.

On Thursday, CSD staff said the Feb. 1-March 9 mandatory reduction had been removed from its plans.  See comment below.

The community’s reservoirs -- Clementia, Chesbro and Calero -- are currently about 60 percent full. The CSD has been unable to divert water from the Cosumnes River since the diversion season began Nov. 1 because river flows haven’t met the pumping threshold of 70 cubic feet per second. 

In other business, the board moved forward on plans for water treatment plant expansion, including financing $3 million, the CSD’s share of the cost,  from the district’s reserves.  Staff estimated the net ratepayer increase to repay the reserves at about $1.40 a month.  A resolution on  financing will be brought to the board next month.

Full coverage is upcoming at RanchoMurieta.com.

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CSD removes watering prohibition

CSD General Manager Ed Crouse wrote in an email Thursday that the prohibition on landscape watering from Feb. 1 to March 9 has been removed from the Stage 2 notice that will be mailed to residents. The board approved a draft notice with the prohibition at its meeting Wednesday. 

Crouse wrote: "Our draft public notice did have language that said 'No landscape irrigation until daylight savings time.' Given the Board dialogue and that our Stage 2 Water Warning does not have that prohibition, staff removed that language from the notice. The notice will be mailed Tuesday."

At Wednesday's meeting, some directors expressed concern about the prohibition before the vote, and consultant Lisa Maddaus advised the board to “stick to what you’ve adopted for Stage 2 and I would very strongly word that any landscape irrigation is wasteful at this time, given what we’ve forecast. ... The irrigation demand is the lowest right now. You don’t need irrigation. Minimal, supplemental, turn off automatic systems -- all those messages can come through.”

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I did want to speak about the construction going on across the street. I have noticed that trucks are hocking up to our water supply from the fire hydrant at the fire department and filling up their trucks to use. There was no mention of the Construction Co. in the restrictions that our community will be forced to comply with...we all should be keeping tabs on their activity when it comes to our water. ..and I totally agree that we must cut back on our water use...in fact I'm shocked that we hadn't already started doing this long before February. I looked online at long range forecasts in November, and they all were saying California was going to be in draught conditions again. Besides all that, people in this community must start learning how to change their timers for their sprinkler systems. Most of us have clay soil, and as you know, it holds water, so you don't have to run your sprinklers as long as many of you do...especially in the winter when the temperature is a lot cooler than in the summer.

My other issue has to do with the fact that our community has no wells as a back up in case of draught conditions like we are in right now, when we can't draw any water from the Cosumnes River. I know this has been brought up before now, and have to admit, I haven't followed this as I should have, so maybe someone else can speak to this. 

I will have to wait to read what is mailed to all of us to understand what exactly is going to be the restrictions, because I don't understand the email from Ed Crouse. 


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Water Restrictions

With no rain, we all need to pitch in and conserve.  I love some of the ideas getting offered.  I know we had shorter showers in the 70s, which was ingrained in me since then.  How about a bucket in the shower to collect water to use for plants or reusing bath water.  It would be helpful if the CSD & RMA address the control of non- household water used for construction projects, watering the parks, car washes, and water slides.  Do these all use reused water or are there places that the community will also cut back.?  We all appreciate the information.  

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