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Food trucks

The Summerfest food trucks returned to Stonehouse Park Sunday for another summer of weekly visits. The six trucks offered a wide range of foods – barbecue, ice cream, street tacos, Asian foods and more – on a beautiful afternoon and evening. Hundreds of adults chatted at tables and in a big cluster of golf carts and blankets while the kids ran around on the grass and the courts, rode scooters and kicked balls high into the sky. One of the touring passenger balloons, a rarity in the evening sky, was even spotted to the southeast. (Click for larger image)

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Two neighbors share balloon photos

That balloon to the southeast of Stonehouse Park? It wasn't a mirage. Here's Bill (Birdman) Gengler's between-the-trees shot on Rio Circle. ("A bit scary but kind of cool" to have it so close, he writes.)

Bill Gengler balloon

And Nancy O'Connor shares this gorgeous shot. "Hot air balloon over the lake decided to take a dip before landing," she writes.

Balloon at Calero

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