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Kenny MetcalfETC brings down the curtain on another summer of entertainment with Saturday’s show at Lake Clementia Amphitheater, Kenny Metcalf as Elton & the Early Years Band. It’s a tribute to the greatness of early Elton John, with a band that can recreate the original album sounds skillfully. We’re giving away four tickets to a lucky Murietan; click to see how.

The early years of Elton John are a full career of hits by any measure. Think “Your Song,” “Rocket Man,” “Tiny Dancer,” “Bennie & The Jets,” “Crocodile Rock,” “Levon” and more.

In addition to careful presentation of the music, there might be a costume change or two. Just a guess.

Free tickets

Kenny Metcalf, who grew up in Southern California, was the original keyboardist for the ‘80s Christian metal band Stryper. He has been performing as Elton John for seven years.

The show, part of the Entertainment, Theatre & Culture season of music, begins at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 for members and $35 for non-members. There’s a $5 surcharge for tickets bought at the door. There’s more information about tickets and ETC here.

Here's a video preview of the show:

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Hooray for ETC!

What a great way to close out the season! We are so fortunate to have our lovely ampitheatre to enjoy shows such as these. Thank you, ETC!

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Goodbye (summer and) Yellow Brick Road...Hello ETC!

Looking forward closing out the summer with ETC...thank you so much for all you do ETC BOD!!!

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Last Concert This Year

Another season of great entertainment coming to an end.  And another wonderful evening to look forward to in Rancho Murieta!

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ETC season ending on a high note!

Great way to end the season...........one song has special meaning "HOLD ME closer, Tony Danza...." See you at the lake!

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Bravo ETC!!

We are so excited for this concert! What a great way to close out an awesome concert season.....and kicking off a fun Labor Day/Summerfest week. So much fun happening in RM! 

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ETC 2017 goes out on a high note!!

Summer is coming to an end but not before the Rocketman hits the stage!

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Loved Kalimba

Kalimba was great and would be so excited royals out of town guests to see "Elton John"!!

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We would love a pair, love Elton John!

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Summer Concerts

We had so much fun, it was our first year in RM!

Diana Seymour

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New to RM and love the concerts!

My wife and I are new to RM and love the concerts! Since we dont really know anyone yet, we hope that going to events like this will help introduce us to our neighbors. Happy almost Labor Day!

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ETC tickets winner!

Congratulations to Wyatt Gaylor, the winner of four tickets to this show!

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