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Rancho Murieta is bringing on extra patrol help to address potential trick-or-treat troublemakers. The Country Club, which has had more than its share of vandalism lately, said it’s hiring two off-duty deputies to patrol the courses Friday and Saturday night. The community’s Security operation will have an off-duty deputy of its own on Saturday, along with an extra Security officer, one in training, the Community Services District said.

The Country Club’s move didn’t sit well with some on the board of the CSD, which provides security service to the community.

At last week’s board meeting, Director Mike Martel said he was “very disappointed” at the failure to address Country Club security needs. He added, “I would like us to service, or try to service, our customers a little bit better than we’re doing.”

In his monthly letter to members, Bill Armstrong, the Country Club’s general manager, reported on vandalism this month, a list that started with the theft of the metal table and two chairs from outside the South starter shack.

“They also managed to take the large golf ball washing machine and toss it into the river,” he wrote. “Then, just to make a final statement, they ripped off the fake camera from the roof of the shack. Then as they strolled down the cart path they kicked over other ball washers, dumped the drink cups from water stations and basically made a pain of themselves again.”

He said there’s a reward available and a handful of reports on file with the sheriff.

At the CSD, Martel said security should strategize its approach to problems, saving resources in predictably quieter times and applying more resources when there are greater needs – in particular summertime vandalism, when kids are out of school.

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