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Aircraft were employed at dinnertime Wednesday to fight a grass fire northeast of Rancho Murieta that has forced evacuation of rural homes in neighboring El Dorado County. In addition to aircraft dropping fire retardant to protect structures, helicopters were pulling water from Lake Calero. Around 6:30 p.m. officials reported 200 acres had burned off South Shingle Road and Latrobe Road, west of Latrobe, in El Dorado County. The fire's forward progress had been stopped, officials said.

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At the same time as the

At the same time as the helicopters and L110 jet liner were flying over our house to fight the fire, Illegal fireworks were being shot into the air right down the street here in RM North.  So as the aircraft were flying overhead to knock down a fire to protect our Town, some of our neighbors were playing with fire.  Saw more illegal fireworks this year then I have in the last 30 years here.  RMA's fire work show was FANTASTIC!!!!!!


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