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After telling the Rancho Murieta Association last week that the wrap-up of fiber installation in Murieta North would take until November, Greenfield Communications followed up 48 hours later with better news – everyone should be able to order service in three weeks.

“We are much further ahead than I had thought during the meeting,” project manager Ryan Waggaman said Friday, referring to last week’s Communications Committee meeting. He told the committee there were 742 North homes yet to have live fiber and he projected it would take until November to get them all positioned for service.

In the followup interview, Waggaman said homeowners at the addresses below can call and order Greenfield services on Oct. 3.

“A lot of (these homes) do have some drop issues that need to be taken care of,” he said, referring to a lack of conduit connecting some homes to fiber at the street. In those cases, Greenfield will have to issue a call to check on underground utilities, which takes time, and may need to trench through yards to get fiber to the homes, he said.

Of the 742 homes still being addressed, he estimated 35 percent aren’t connected to the fiber at the street. The problem is concentrated in the older parts of the community, he said, mentioning Lago Drive by name.

The service rollout in this final stretch of the community will focus first on existing Greenfield customers, he said.

Regarding complaints about open service pedestals in front yards, Waggaman said the pedestals will be closed and the surrounding areas cleaned up once the connections are made.

Since Greenfield began construction in January 2015, its work, which was supposed to wrap up in that calendar year, has been delayed by problems with the community's infrastructure.

Waggaman's list of homes that will have service available on Oct. 3:

6500-6558 Via Sereno
6400-6519 Via Del Cerrito
6800-6952 Domingo
6501-6653 Camino De Luna
6604-6621 Via De Robles
14901-15050 Venado
15051-15119 Robles Grande
6300-6635 Rio Oso
15001-15091 Rio Circle
6221-6515 Rio Blanco
6000-6232 Puerto
14559-14693 Guadalupe
15083-15096 Fuente de Paz
6200-6335 Cazador
6800-6830 Brisa
6900-6994 Carreta
14842-15059 Lago
6900-7025 Pescado
6610-6721 Camino Del Sol
14964-15066 Fuente de Paz
14701-14841 Guadalupe
6239-6573 Puerto
14869-14962 Trinidad
6618-6664 Ventana
6524-6601 Via De Robles

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New estimated timeline...

Every estimated timeline has never been met, so this new promised date should be taken witha grain of salt.  Having said that, could we schedule appointments now for instalations after the 3rd?

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Ok Im just a little confused about the signing up....what were those forms online stating our preferences good for? I thought that if you filled one out online, that they would know what you want. Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks

Janice Okunami

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Greenfield answers

We asked Greenfield for answers to your questions and got this response: "We are still working through installations in other parts of the community. Starting Oct. 3 residents can start calling in to schedule appointments from anywhere in Rancho Murieta. In regards to the online forms, we will begin going through this archive and reaching out to residents to schedule installs."

They'll answer your questions at (888) 230-0020.

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Everyone can have fiber Oct 3rd, really?

That's either a lie or a misleading headline.  

We can't call until October 3rd and there are 742 home yet to hook up.  Even if they work on Columbus Day, I caculate 37 homes a day to be done by November 1st.  Yeah, that's gunna happen.

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Changing the headline


Greenfield says fiber will be available for everyone to request on Oct. 3. The headline is being changed to say "request" instead of "have."

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Fiber Installations?

Curious if anyone has called in and had a successful installation form the above mentioned addresses?

Looks like just last week they finally run cable throughout the roads, but they have yet to connect it to anything.  Cables are still simpy laying on lawns.  

I was able to call in and get an appointment for Oct 28th, but I am wondering if anyone, that still has all those cables laying on the ground had a successful fiber installation?  Maybe I shouldn't be so eager to make the switch quite yet....



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Fiber Installations? Update - fuming.....

Okay - so finally found out I had to make another call to Greenfield to hook us up.  They've only been over here to check things out about 5 or more times.  Earliest install is 11/8!!!!!!!  So all the cabling strung across the street and the open boxes will be here till Christmas or later???  I sure wish someone from RMA would step up and update the community. Also wish Greenfield would reply to my request for a refund from them for the electrical work we had done by a licensed contractor that meets code instead of the shoddy "drill through the wall" install they were going to do. 

Betsy Guzzetta

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Fiber Installation

Got mine hooked up yesterday afternoon. Working flawlessly. Speed is up and no problems. Tech advised they would come around in November, after getting everyone hooked up to replace the boxes.

Cazador 1 Park

Bill McCarver

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I called to make an appointment....

A very nice guy came out that day to do a pre-install. Three days later two guys showed up and did their thing, and probably in 15 minutes my house was on fiber. All the workmen were very informative and I was very happy with the hookup. So far Video and Internet are working perfectly.. 

Myrna Solomon

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I can second both Bill's and Myrna's comments.   Greenfield installed my fiber once they were able to trench from the street (Terreno) up my  Park to the box within 3 days.  That was about 6 weeks ago and the reception / up- down speeds are 20 and 10 working perfectly.

Was also told then, that once everyone wanting service was hooked up they would be back to put in the new boxes and repair the damaged landscaping........probably by the end of November.

Also explained the open holes and fiber connections were waterproof and not harmed by the rains.


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So glad to hear that folks are getting positive results.  Have been trying to hang on so we can support the community's investment - will see what happens in about 3 weeks!  Why does the song "The Long and Winding Road" keep playing in my head ?!?

Betsy Guzzetta

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Fiber Installed

Thanks or the info Myrna,

I just had my instllation this past Friday and it is all working peferctly.  (only internet)

They struggled a bit to find the main cable going into the house, but once they did it was easier to install as the fiber box was installed insisde the garage right next to an existing power outlet.




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