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With 1,000 or 1,100 North homes still awaiting connection to the community’s fiber network, Greenfield Communications says the project will be complete by the end of August. Meeting with the Rancho Murieta Association on Wednesday, the company also reviewed last week’s cable TV switchover, which both parties said went smoothly.

The company plans to take a hybrid approach to the remaining North work, Greenfield CEO Mike Powers told the RMA’s Communications Committee, first trying a technology that strips the interior of the existing co-ax cable and replaces it with fiber.  If that fails, as it has in some locations around the community, a construction crew will be right behind them, ready to cut a trench and install fiber that way, he said.

“But wherever we can avoid the trench, that’s what we’re going to do,” Powers said.

He and Ryan Waggaman, Greenfield's project manager for Rancho Murieta’s fiber work, pegged the completion at mid to late August.

Committee member Carol Anderson challenged how realistic that date is, but she couldn’t get the Greenfield reps to budge. Waggaman said he would bring champagne to September’s committee meeting to mark the completion of the installation.

Greenfield has a multi-decade lease with RMA to operate the community's cable and internet system.

With last week’s shutdown of the legacy cable TV system, “our energy usage dropped by about 60 percent,” Powers said, referring to the old system’s problems and the company’s ability to now focus on the fiber project.

“We had it staffed,” Powers said of last week’s transition. “It was a lot of work. We had a lot of customers impacted, and it’s done.”

Powers pointed out that all customers would have had to go through the switch eventually, but taking care of them in advance will make the switch to the new network easier for everyone.

“Other than maybe a couple of time slots in the first couple of days, we always had (repair crew) availability for appointments,” said Waggaman.

“The feedback I got is that you were getting there almost the same day,” said Greg Vorster, the RMA’s general manager. “People weren’t complaining about being hung out for long periods of time.”

Waggaman and Powers said it was an all-hands-on-deck situation, with every service and construction worker in Rancho Murieta assigned to handle issues and the customer service operation, in Dana Point, bringing in field reps to staff the phones to help handle the response.

“I thought the team did an excellent job,” Waggaman said. “Our guys were working 12-14 hours.”

Vorster said he could tell by the lack of calls at the RMA that the project went well. “People were calling in once and getting taken care of,” he said.

Greenfield’s help desk can be reached at 1-888-230-0020.

Vorster and the Greenfield representatives discussed the lack of problems on the South, where the fiber network has been operating for months. “It runs very smooth,” Waggaman said, and Vorster agreed.

Waggaman said reordering the numbers for local channels on the TV system hasn’t been done yet but it will.

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Did not go smooth

The "switch" did not go smoth for our place. Just stopped without notice, until Greenfield called the next day. I dropped the service and have not missed!! Directv perfect!!

Richard Robinson


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Not smooth

I guess it depends on where you live in the community because it did not go smooth for my neighbor in Unit 1......Only 1 TV was working....so she called Greenfield and they said they would be out in the morning....by afternoon, so show yet, she called us and my husband went over and scanned all her sets...she has about 4......when the guy showed up and could not fix the problem, he told her it was because her sets were bad brands.....WHAT !!!!!!!!  So, she had to BUY boxes to fix the problem !!!!!

I guess that's how they are making more money out of us !!!!!!  Well, I can understand why so many folks are changing to ATT or some other service....I just wonder if the 200K that RMA extended to them would have been better spent on fixing our old service !!!!!!!  JMHO

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not even close to smooth!!!

we are in the north as well

Richard Robinson


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