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Joint Security

The Joint Security Committee wants to understand why the land owner has blocked vehicles from access to the Cosumnes.

The community’s Joint Security Committee fielded complaints about restricted access to the Cosumnes River at last week’s meeting.  The committee appointed representatives to meet the Pension Trust Fund, owner of the land, to understand why vehicle access was suddenly blocked last year.

Neighbor Adam Dubey told the committee that before his parents bought here in 1980, a real estate agent drove them “right down to the river access.”  He said legal documents on file with the state reflect river access as an amenity. 

Without vehicle access, Dubey said it’s not possible for his two small children to get to the river any longer.

“I feel like the community got sold that access to attract this ... and I feel like it’s getting taken away from us, and they’re basically trying to redefine what our easement rights are, and it’s not right,” he said.

CSD Director Mike Martel, a member of Joint Security, joined in the complaint.  ”I want to know why, I want to know what my rights are as a resident,” he said.

Martel volunteered to attempt to meet with the PTF on the issue, to get an answer to “Is this an access or is this a fight?”

At the last Joint Security meeting, held in October, Murietan John Sullivan, who is said to be negotiating with the PTF to buy its undeveloped land, offered complaints about unauthorized trail-building on the land that he said reflected PTF’s views.  Through the years, there have been grass fires and vehicle accidents in the area that’s now closed to vehicles.

The PTF posted “no trespassing” signs at the entrance to its properties in the back area in 2010, following complaints about nighttime parties and bonfires.

Represented at Jan. 22’s quarterly meeting, held at the Rancho Murieta Association Building, were the RMA, Community Services District, Country Club, Murieta Village and Murieta Plaza.

The group also revisited the CSD’s proposed DUI policy, which appears headed for a February vote by the CSD board.

Martel brought up the possibility of cameras as the answer to many of the community’s crime problems but acknowledged there’s no money available at the moment.  On the other hand, he said RMA already has fiber installed to carry data for a modern security system. “The hard work and the big expense are already done,” he said.

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Thank you.

Thank you to this group and Mike Martel for trying to fix this. The river is a huge part of what we love about RM. Anyway, if cameras will some how miraculously make all this better, I will look into organizing fundraisers etc to make it happen. I think Paul Frank's security company has cameras and I'd be happy to get a quote.

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"Sudden" Access Removal

When I started seeing the installation of physical trail signs and published trail maps I wasn't at all surprised to see our vehicle access to the private property restricted in response.  I had hoped that the wonderful patrons who work so hard maintaining the trails for the community had received permission from the land owner before installing the signs and advertising the trails with maps. 

I hope the involved parties can work this out soon so the gates reopen.  We really enjoy the back trails and felt a lot safer back there when we knew we could bring a vehicle back 'just in case.'

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Legal rights

Carrie, we have the LEGAL right to use that road to access the river.  Whatever PTF's issues may or may not be with the trail improvements, they have no LEGAL right to interfere with the other 4,000-odd residents' right to access the river.  THAT access is a RIGHT, not a kindly indulgence they may pull back in a fit of pique.

In my judgment  this is really about their desire to one day build a gated community within our  gated community along that river canyon, and, as they once proposed at Calero, to lock us peasants out.  They're trying to quietly strangle our easement, testing us to see if we'll lie down and take it, and all the reasons publicly given are a smoke screen.  This is, as always, about development and MONEY.

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Wilbur could not be more right

Just look at the article that came up today.  It was nice seeing trees and open space but since there is someone who seems hell bent on paving over the beauty of the area, we are all screwed.  Unless you (wilbur) have some genius idea we will leave before our housing values go to crap and before all of the things that make this area open and beautiful are destroyed and taken away from our children.  The ability for a child (or any one for that matter) to roam and discover the open is lost on those trying to pursue this venture. 


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