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Did your Christmas guests have trouble getting through the gate? RanchoMurieta.com received an email from a former Murietan who says she spent 38 minutes in line at the North Gate. The Security Logs show two incidents of visitors getting unruly at the gate Christmas Day because they didn’t want to comply with gate-entry procedures. Here’s how we can all help this situation.

The former Murietan said her son still lives in Rancho Murieta, and he invited her for Christmas dinner. She continues, “We were surprised by the traffic backup at the North Gate. Traffic was stopped on the Jackson Highway near Lone Pine drive. We stopped at 3 p.m. and did not clear the gate until 3:38 p.m. It was a very unsafe situation and should be addressed by RMA, CSD. Have you received any complaints on this issue?”

Security Chief Jeff Werblun responded Thursday: “This is the only complaint I have heard of. Yes, it happens every major holiday. The gate can only handle so much traffic and only one car at a time.”

Since late 2017, Security has offered an online way to register your guests, saving you the time of a phone call to the gate. The online service is at GateAccess.net. Instructions for using gateaccess.net are here. 

One last step: Make sure the guest knows your exact name or full address to share at the gate, which has to look up your account.

“If a visitor is appropriately registered by a resident, and the visitor has the complete address and/or full name of the resident, it takes less than 30 seconds to check in a visitor,” Werblun said. But most of the time, he said the guest hasn’t been listed at GateAccess.net or called in. Also, the guest can’t provide the full name and address of the Murietan.

“We use a computer database, and we need the full name or address to look up the resident’s account to find the registered guest on,” Werblun said. “The complete address is the best, especially for common last names. Do you know how many Joneses or Smiths there are in Rancho Murieta? And some live on the same street!”

Lacking this information, your guest could get turned away.

“The gate tries to contact the resident as a courtesy,” Werblun said, “but during busy times they don’t have the time to do this. They need to handle the other cars in line waiting. Once the guest is denied, we usually tell them to go across the street to the Plaza and call the resident to get on the account or get the proper information to get checked in. Then when the guest returns to the gate, we can process them and let them in.”

This problem exists mostly on the North, where there are more residents and more traffic.

Taking a moment to put guests in the system and make sure they have your exact address or full name will make it easier for them and for you. And, finally, there’s the gate.

“As a previous gate officer,” Werblun said, “I took many rude and nasty comments from visitors because they had to wait too long.”

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I was in that line also..

I was coming home from my son's house in Lincoln and after turning left from Stonehouse to Jackson, I immediately had to get in the left lane..it was barely moving, if at all..so after 5 minutes, I got back into the regular lane and turned right onto Muriera Dr. I turned around and crossed the street, having to go in the right lane. I couldn't turn left onto Lago Dr because the guest cars were blocking my way.

My husband suggested a way to maybe solve this. Have residents pick up passes like we do for 4th of July to give to their guests before Christmas Day.  Residents shouldn't be inconvenienced by guests because some residents can't do their job, which we all have to do every single time we have guests coming to visit. 


Myrna Solomon

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Line of cars on the holiday

I saw that line of cars when I was heading over to see family and was glad I wasn't in it! I live in the Village so I was coming across Jackson and could avoid the one lane of cars headed for the guard station. Unfortunately, that won't be the case come January 1, 2019. Sadly, my bar code will be rendered useless next week because RMA and the Village Board couldn't come to some agreement on a yearly fee to cover the costs of what RMA has told me amounts to road use wear and tear from our vehicles coming over from the Village. That should have been an individual choice: If my neighbor doesn't want to go across the street, she doesn't have to pay for a bar code. If I want to, I'll pay the reasonable yearly rate to keep the bar code. Shouldn't it be that simple? Why does it have to be an all-or-nothing equation?

What a shame. So, next year that will be me in that line of cars waiting 40 minutes to see my family in Rancho Murieta on the holiday – even though my address also says Rancho Murieta.

Unless, RMA, you'd like to accept my $300 to extend my bar code through 2019?


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Long waiting at the North Gate to enter RM

My guest arrived and had no problem getting in...BUT.....all my guest are on my list !!!!!  I have sat at the gate many times and you cannot believe how many residents DO NOT LIST OR CALL IN THEIR GUESTS!!!!!! The gate officer does not have the time to call every resident when they do not list or call in their guest....it's our responsibility !!!!!

And, I have heard the abuse the gate officers have to take and believe me, I would not last a day if they did that to me !!!!  They are not servants, they are gate officers and are doing the best job they can .....PLEASE CALL OR LIST YOUR GUESTS ON YOUR RESIDENT RECORD !!!!  If you do your part, life will be much easier for everyone.......

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An answer to holiday backup

Why can't we get passes for our holiday guests?  RMA issues them for July 4th. Why not Christmas?  Our daughter, who is on our guest list, also waited 30 minutes to get through the gate Christmas afternoon.  

Cindy Jones

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Long lines here to stay?

With  a build out of several more hundreds of homes  I can  not imagine the  traffic through the front gate during the holidays  AND ever other day .

Jeff and Sue Kohlhardt

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