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The question of how to re-engineer Security to handle the community’s future returned to the Community Services District board Wednesday, with new directors weighing in on the question. The board also elected new officers.

Director John Merchant, a veteran of a previous stretch on the board, including as its president, said security was the No. 1 issue for the people he met as he campaigned last fall. Merchant said it's not a long-view question; he thinks the next two or three years will be the biggest challenge and must be addressed.

“On the table here, we’ve got another 800-plus homes (planned)..." he said. “But I think ... the most radical changes from a Security standpoint ... are the ones that are going to be generated in the next two to three years. They’re short term. They’re commercial and they’re retail, with all the problems that those bring with them.”

He pointed to the opening of the hotel and the 14-hour-a-day operation of a supermarket as important security impacts.

In recent years, the board has struggled to develop a plan for security cameras to handle the community’s growth, figuring cameras could extend Security’s reach without bringing on labor costs, and it struggled internally and with developers over how to spend the security-impact fee that is starting to roll in. The fee ranges from a $750 to $1,200 one-time charge per lot.

These questions led the board to seek bids for a consultant’s help.

At Wednesday's monthly meeting, General Manager Darlene Thiel said she and Security Chief Paul Wagner had evaluated five bids from potential consultants. Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co. of South San Francisco emerged as their suggested winner. Its bid was $49,350.

Right now, the district has about $35,000 on hand in security-impact fees, and the $14,000 shortfall could probably be covered by new security-impact fees by summer, Thiel told the board. Directors didn’t seem concerned about juggling accounts to cover the shortfall in the short term, and Burns & McDonnell is willing to cut the job into two phases to accommodate the funding situation, Thiel said.

Thiel said the study would address planning and use of closed-circuit cameras and how to handle a growing community with a security force that’s of fixed size.

Les Clark, also newly elected, said he thinks the study will help address the questions Merchant is raising. “The answer to most of your questions is approaching this study,” he told Merchant. 

Wagner endorsed the study as a big help in dealing with planning and buying the camera system. And a camera system will be a big help in addressing the small security issues, he said.

Director Mark Pecotich, the new board president, said he is not a fan of camera systems. He said part of the answer must be the county sheriff’s response to needs here.

Merchant suggested public input on Security be part of the process, and the directors and Thiel agreed.

The board unanimously approved hiring Burns & McDonnell.

Two new development projects talk of starting up

General Manager Darlene Thiel said the owners of the Riverview development land, on the South, and the Residences East property, on the North, came to the CSD last week in advance of marketing the land and its county-approved maps to developers. 

Riverview, near the South Course’s 9th Hole, has tentative map approval for 140 lots, and Residences East has approval for 99 lots.  Residences would be built above Puerto Drive near Guadalupe Drive. Both projects won county approval a decade ago.

Thief said the current owners think the developments could be complete in 2020.

CSD board

The new CSD board, from left, Les Clark, Jerry Pasek, President Mark Pecotich, Morrison Graf and John Merchant. Click photo for larger image.

Board elects new officers, chooses committee members

After swearing in three directors in a brief pre-meeting ceremony, the board elected new officers and assigned directors to committee responsibilities with a minimum of fuss.

Jerry Pasek, board president, had served four years as president and could not serve again, so in his last act as president, he asked if there were any volunteers to succeed him. Director Mark Pecotich said he’d be interested, and the other directors elected him unanimously. Morrison Graf volunteered to be vice president and was elected unanimously. 

Pecotich handed out the following committee assignments:

  • Communication and Technology: Mark Pecotich and John Merchant
  • Finance: Jerry Pasek and John Merchant
  • Improvements: Morrison Graf and Les Clark
  • Joint Security: Mark Pecotich and Les Clark
  • Personnel: Morrison Graf and Jerry Pasek
  • Parks: Mark Pecotich and Morrison Graf (alternate)
  • Security: Mark Pecotich and Les Clark
  • Regional water authority representative: Jerry Pasek

In other business...

  • The CSD has scheduled an open house for the community to meet new Security Chief Paul Wagner from 4 to 7 p.m. Jan. 31 at the CSD Building.
  • Two neighbors on Via Del Cerrito complained about a drainage problem that causes flooding at their properties when there’s heavy rainfall. The board promised to look into the issue and address it at next month’s meeting.

Betty Ferraro and Jerry Pasek

Jerry Pasek, the outgoing board president, reads a resolution honoring Betty Ferraro for her eight years of board service. She lost a re-election bid last month, as did Mike Martel, who asked that there be no ceremony in his honor, the CSD said. Click photo for larger image.

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CSD Security Cameras and Residences East

1. "$49,350 awarded consultant to study development of plan for security cameras". What? So such study would reveal additional $ needed to develop such a plan, and then xxx $ needed to install/operate cameras? $50K is more than enough to get such cameras installed and operating, already. Stop wasting ratepayers money.

2. "Owners of Residences East came to CSD". For what?

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