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Video of the July RMA meeting (46 minutes)

Laguna Joaquin's level has been dropping, the Rancho Murieta Association board was told at its meeting Tuesday night, and the lake will continue to drop for as long as work continues on the pipe that brings it water from the Cosumnes River.

General Manager Greg Vorster said the work is taking place on the piping between the river and the Country Store. He said the ditch was shut down on June 27, and it’s anticipated it will be another four to six weeks before the work is complete.

The RMA and downstream ranchers rely on water stored at Laguna Joaquin, Vorster said. He said the Community Services District is pushing the North developers, who are doing the work, to accelerate the schedule. 

He said the RMA lowers the lake about six inches a week to address its irrigation needs. He said the downstream ranchers are already finding there’s insufficient water for their purposes, so they’ve stopped taking water from the lake.

Director Larry Shelton, who takes a lot of ribbing for his concern about the midge fly problems at Laguna Joaquin, said lower levels have made the insect problem worse. Lower water volumes and hot weather have increased water temperatures, Shelton said, leading to more flies hatching.

Home damaged by fire 19 months ago is issue

The fire-damaged house at Murieta Parkway and Camino Del Lago, which burned in a December 2015 fire, was brought up by a neighbor unhappy about the delay in cleaning up the building and lot.

Greg Vorster, RMA general manager, said the homeowner and insurance company have been in dispute for the last 19 months. They’ve finally reached agreement, Vorster said, and the county is now considering a demolition permit. He said he couldn’t estimate the timing of the work.

Neighbor Briggs Matsko, who brought up the issue, said he was sympathetic to the homeowner but said the RMA needs to enforce time limits in these situations. “We have to have established rules,” he said. “To me, as a community, we would have some type of rules.”

Director Tim Maybee said he understood Matsko’s frustration, but he pushed back: “So let’s say we had a year or two (time limit). What do we have this person do? I didn’t lose all my belongings in a house (fire). I get the HOA is probably the last of this guy’s problems.” 

Matsko, who lives in Clementia Circle, also asked if there could be a yield or stop sign for traffic coming out of the road leading to Lake Clementia.

Board OKs Segway motorized devices

The board voted to approve a rules change that allows personal motorized devices – Segways are the best-known example – on the community’s streets, North and South. The board’s 3-2 vote was a rare split, especially for a subject that impacts few people.

The measure was shepherded by Director Larry Shelton, who made the motion Tuesday to adopt the rule. He regularly rides a Segway, and he rode it in the July 4 parade.

The rule sets size and power limits on the devices, saying they must have an electric motor of not more than 1 horsepower, and limiting the vehicle’s top speed to 12.5 mph.

Bob Lucas, the board president, said the board had already approved the use of Segways in 2011 or 2012, so this vote was merely putting the approval in writing. 

Director Cheryl McElhany said the RMA received 41 comments from members on the rule change, which she characterized as a fairly low response for a community of 2,500 households. RMA staff said 41 responses is actually a large response; even 10 comments is considered a large response.

Directors Tim Maybee and Rob Brown voted no. (Sam Somers Sr. and Alex Bauer weren’t present.)

When McElhany asked why some directors voted no, Maybee responded, “It’s a non-issue at this point in time. I think that there are bigger, long-range electronic devices that are coming. I think we have more of an issue with drones over personal property and people being exposed by drones than I do use of the streets (by Segways).”

In other business...

  • The board unanimously approved spending $499,965 with Central Valley Engineering & Asphalt of Roseville for this year’s asphalt work around the community, with all but $60,000 coming from reserves.
  • There has been progress on the new Greens Park on the South, but the work has slipped by a few days, General Manager Greg Vorster reported. Grading and underground work is nearly complete, he said, and concrete work is expected to begin Friday or Monday.
  • The board voted unanimously to pay Levy, Erlanger & Co. $7,625 to do the association’s 2017 audit. The company has been handling RMA audits for several years.
  • The board voted unanimously to buy a mower for $43,364, with the funds coming from reserves.
  • The RMA is offering a bus trip to see the San Francisco Giants play the Chicago Cubs in an afternoon game Wednesday, Aug. 9. Tickets are $79.

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Video technical problems

We're afraid there will be no video of the July RMA meeting due to technical problems.

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RMA video after all

Despite our earlier post, there is a video from the RMA meeting. Sorry for the confusion.

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