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The Landsharks Band, with a vast mix of popular music, has entertained audiences all over the world.

Rancho Murieta’s July 4 weekend starts Saturday night, when the Landsharks Band, a Jimmy Buffett / Beach Boys tribute band, performs at 8:30 at Lake Clementia Amphitheater as part of the Entertainment, Theatre & Culture season. And we’re giving away tickets!

It’s a party-time show, with songs you know and love and lots of crowd participation. It should be perfect for Lake Clementia.

Landsharks tickets

The Landsharks perform all over, entertaining all kinds of audiences. They’ve performed with Jimmy Buffett, opened for the Beach Boys, and played conventions, festivals, parties and weddings. Their Rancho Murieta gig is sandwiched between shows in San Antonio, Texas, and Vero Beach, Florida.

Check out ETC’s webpage for information about tickets.

If you’d like to win four tickets to the show, just drop a comment at the end of this story. We’ll draw the winner from among the comments at 4 p.m. Thursday.

Here’s a video clip of the band in action:

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Landsharks' tickets

What would we do without you RanchoMurieta.com!

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Saturday Night Concert

I think we Murietans  are so lucky having such a great people here making  all those concerts happens , and The Landsharks Band  should be   one of the best:). 


Anna White

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Landsharks tickets

We absolutely love Rancho Murieta. What a great way to spend a Saturday night, at the amphitheater, among friends and listening to great music! Thank you for all this community has to offer, we truly feel blessed to live here.

Tammi Casagrande 

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Fins Everywhere!

Would love to take our little guy to his first concert at the lake!

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A Perfect Saturday Night!

Get your Beach Balls ready!

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'Music soothes the soul'


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Look like Shark week in Rancho Murieta, "I think we are going to need a bigger boat"

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Great way to kick off the holiday weekend!! Can't wait! 

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Can't wait!

Should be a fun evening with friends and family in one of the best venues for a concert! Perfect summertime music!

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Love ETC!

Yes, the ETC events have become a signature of our community. Thank you ETC, board, and sponsors for making it possible for all of us to enjoy.

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Thank you kindly for bringing back music of our era. You rock!  

Gillian M Smith


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Perfect concert for the Holiday Week-End.

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It's going to be a great weekend,super excited!

Caryn Ribbs

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It's going to be a great weekend,super excited!

Caryn Ribbs

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Thank you ETC!



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ETC board member here.  Not eligable for tickets, yet want all to know this concert will be a blast. They will sing Buffet and Beach Boys music with kettle drums & a little reggie.  Buy your tickets early and place your blankets early,  This will be a full house.  Thanks all for your support and have fun.


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YEAH.....My kind of music.  Can't wait for a rocking night

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ETC Concert

Looking forward to an evening out inside the walls and fences of our beautiful community. Thank you to the committee members of the ETC board for bringing the live entertainment to our community. We appreciate your hard work. 

 Kathy Richardson

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Best. Summer. Fun. For ALL

Best. Summer. Fun. For ALL ages!

Nancy Miller

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This would be a fantastic start to the holiday weekend!

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Awesome ETC!

Thank you ETC volunteers for another great season of fun!

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Count me in

Another reason that I love living in Rancho Murieta !

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Landsharks and the path to Rancho Murieta

Wow, where do I begin. We started looking for a house in Rancho Murieta in late summer of 2012.  We didn't move in until October so we missed the concert season, but I remember seeing the lineup and the Landsharks had played in 2012.  I remember saying to my husband..."That's it, we're moving here, it's a community of Buffet fans, what could be better!"     I went to my first Jimmy Buffet concert when I was 12 and have been many times since.    

Needless to say, I've been waiting many years for the Landsharks return to Rancho Murieta.  Super excited for Saturday!   Fins Up at the lake!


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Yay ETC!

Rancho Murieta is simply the best place to live and ETC concerts at the lake are the icing on the cake!

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Landsharks winner!

The winner of the four Landsharks tickets is David Meyer! David, give us a call at 354-3916 and we'll arrange delivery. Congratulations! Thanks, everyone, for playing.

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