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Women's Club lunch

Anniversary cakeThe Rancho Murieta Women's Club marked its 25th anniversary Wednesday with a Country Club lunch that had a feel like Brazil's Carnival. Three members of Samba Conmigo, a San Jose-based dance troupe, did lively samba numbers and then brought club members onto the floor for some free-form dancing. Lunch was ravioli, and there was blue champagne. There are four more photos inside.  Click photos for larger images

Past board

Vickie Joyner, the outgoing president, honored past leaders from the club's 25 years... Click photos for larger images

Current board

And thanked the outgoing board. Click photos for larger images


The crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to Maggie O'Meara, left, who's 93, and Barbara Ferguson, who's 92. Click photos for larger images

Crowd photos

After Samba Conmigo finished dancing, they posed for photos with the tables of members. Click photos for larger images

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Rancho Men's Club

Suggesting the Rancho Murieta Mens Club consider this group for their entertainment at an upcoming meeting!

Standing room only !

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