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Rancho Murieta Country Club held  a “Meet the Candidates Night” Tuesday, with more than 100 people on hand when the session started and only a few dozen still there two-plus hours later, when it ended. Here you can listen to the candidates’ opening statements, as they offer their qualifications and beliefs, accompanied by photos taken as they spoke.

As expected, the primary issue was whether the club should file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to address its problem with an underfunded employee pension. The pension issue is a threatened charge to the club of more than $3 million in the event it is sold or the club separates from the union.

The issue came to light as the club nearly closed a sale with a golf industry executive earlier this year.

Three candidates – two incumbents and a member who served as volunteer general manager – have favored Chapter 11. The other eight candidates, who’ve banded together in the race, do not.

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There are two Country Club elections this month, with three directors selected in each. Club members have received voting information in the mail.

Here are the 11 candidates who are seeking six open seats on the nine-person board:

  • Bill Armstrong, a former director and recent volunteer general manager
  • Richard “Dick” Brandt
  • Jeff Frost, incumbent director
  • Kenneth “KJ” Johnston
  • Daniel Klaff
  • Herman Kramer
  • Vince Lepera, incumbent board president
  • Mike Martel
  • Elizabeth Meyer
  • Gerard “Jerry” Ortner
  • Jon Snyder

Ten spoke at “Meet the Candidates Night.” Meyer, who had a family obligation, was represented by her husband.

All but Lepera are eligible in the first of this month’s elections, with voting that closes 5 p.m. Oct. 12. Directors elected then will begin serving immediately in terms that run through Dec. 31, 2019.

All the directors who weren’t elected, plus Lepera, will be eligible in the second election, with ballots that will go out after the first election. They’re due back to the club by Oct. 31.

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