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Murieta Inn

The proposed motel would be on a field just off Murieta Drive and Lone Pine Drive, down the street from the Murieta Equestrian Center.

The purchase of 53 acres of commercial property south of Jackson Road, and plans to build a 100-room motel there, were announced Thursday by a Rancho Murieta investment group.

The property was purchased by Cosumnes River Land LLC, which is affiliated with the Murieta Equestrian Center and owner Carol Anderson Ward.  The land was sold by a subsidiary of Regency Centers, a national developer, owner and operator of shopping centers.  The terms weren’t disclosed.

The land has been the subject of several announced development plans in the last decade -- in 2002, 2004 and 2009, each with a planned mix of commercial and residential construction.

According to Thursday’s announcement by Murietan John Sullivan, who represents the local investors, building a motel at Lone Pine and Murieta drives is the immediate priority.

“The Equestrian Center needs hotel rooms to complement our horse shows and Rancho Murieta’s special events business,” the announcement quoted Ward as saying.  She is the daughter of the late Sacramento businessman Fred Anderson.  It also quoted Arnie Billingsley, the Country Club’s general manager, as saying the community has needed rooms since the Villas were converted from lodging to condos years ago.

“We’ve been trying to figure out the location for the hotel for over a year and the most logical place was over there on the commercial piece,” Sullivan said in a phone interview. “...The primary focus for the next few months is going to be trying to get a timeline and a game plan on how to get it done as quickly as possible.”

He said the Murieta Inn, as it’s being called, would have 100 rooms and perhaps 3,000 square feet of meeting space in a structure with a maximum height of 42 feet.

“It’s good for the airport, it’s good for the Country Club, it’s good for the Equestrian Center,” Sullivan said. “Down the road it will seem like we always had one, I hope. ... It was really hard for the Equestrian Center when the lodge got converted. ... The Country Club and Equestrian Center booked rooms there. ... (It) threw a monkey wrench ... into events where people came from a long way.  Events want to know where the nearest hotel is. The Country Club wants to attract bigger tournaments, also the air show, ETC, relatives of residents.”

The first development plans for the land, a decade ago, called for more than 200 homes in a development called Murieta Gardens.  The latest version of the project, approved by the county last year, called for 95 homes.

The 53 acres are flat, almost treeless land between the Country Store and Rancho Murieta Airport, across the street from the Murieta Plaza shopping center.  Part of the land is being used as a sports field.

Since 2010, Sullivan, a longtime Murietan, has headed an effort to purchase 700 acres of undeveloped Rancho Murieta land and the Country Club property from the Pension Trust Fund of Operating Engineers.  He has refused questions about those negotiations.

See a copy of Thursday’s announcement.

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of course

Most of the people involved with the development battle knew the Murieta Gardens (grocery store and housing project) was simply not viable. No surprise, then, that Regency would sell the land--in essence, running as far away as they could from a project with absolutely no future. 

Candy Chand

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Murieta Inn reaction

A couple of comments from RM.com's Facebook page:

Brady Johnson This is actually pretty neat news! I have family from afar that would be ecstatic :)

Cate Murphy Great boon to the community and the Plaza businesses without competing: Will not create a lot more traffic or increasing drain on Murieta's resources; provides a place to stay for the equestrians. Excellent news at first glance.

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where does the water come from?

I'm asking this because it was my impression that until the treatment plant was expanded,  no one could build anything...100 rooms means 100 bathrooms...so...just curious.  Candy..I'm sure you know the answer... :-)) 

Myrna Solomon

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...and the roadway?

I'm interested in hearing about the roadway and whether there have been any studies done by Sullivan and/or his clients as to whether the increased traffic of heavy vehicles on Murieta drive will be compensated for.

As we know, the roadway is not in great health and the roadbase itself is in a weakened state even though it was resurfaced about a year ago. That resurface job was actually a patch job on a badly deteriorated roadway. It looks pretty good for now but I know for a fact that if large vehicles have a destination down Murieta Dr., they are going to prefer to turn right on Murieta rather than turning right from Jackson at Lone Pine. With the roadbase badly weakened already it won't take long until we're all paying for car repairs due to the potholes and rough patches of that stretch again.

Also, the shoulder on the northbound side is inadequate for parking large trailers and vehicles and would need to be expanded and improved.

Just wondering what plans the developers have looked at with regard to this.

Finally, the water question that Smyrna posed is also a good question.


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water for project

There's also no water available for the project. All along CSD has held firm (which I appreciate ) that without a new drinking water plant, they cannot supply water to ANY additional development. As far as I  know, that status has not changed. 

Candy Chand

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CSD H2O for Development

Attn CSD GM Ed Crouse:

Since 99 homes/equivalent dwelling units already earlier approved for Murieta Gardens in same 53 acre project area as this proposed 100 unit motel, what conditions for mitigation of water did you attach to that approval? Will this same mitigation carryover to the motel project when it comes before the Board of Sups for approval? Did that mitigation include build/expansion of CSD water plant? Does County only pay lip service to the Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting Program/MMRP required by CEQA? 

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Great News!

I think this is great news.  The lodging will befit so many in the community...the Equine Center, Club and local residents who want to have a big family event and don't have the room for everyone to stay over.  A way for everyone to stay safe.

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Proposed Motel

Hope it comes with a Denny's Restaurant...would be nice to have a place that serves breakfast.

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