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At Tuesday's Security Committee meeting at the Community Services District, Security Chief Greg Remson's report on incidents in the community during December included a chimney fire that occurred at a home on Via Sereno the evening of Dec. 30. Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District responded to the structure fire.

Bob Tauber sent an email and pictures of the fire at his neighbor's home to Remson. Tauber noted that Security patrol officers were the first on the scene and helped the occupants of the home, taking charge until fire crews arrived.

His letter and one of his photos:


I thought you might want this information and these photos.

About 8:15pm, Friday  12/30/11, I saw flames as I looked out the window windows of my Via Sereno, home.  I ran outside with my family to see flames shooting out the upper story of the home at the top of Park 5.  The home was wonderfully decorated for Christmas and now the back of this beautiful multistory home was on fire.

Our RMCSD Patrol Officers were the first to respond and help secure the safety of the homes occupants.  The two RMCSD Officers ran up the hill and took charge until fire crews arrived.  At least two water takers, four engines, a ladder truck and two battalion chiefs were on scene within minutes. Station 59's tanker, first to arrive, drove up the hill to the home as the engine parked on Via Sereno.  The three fire fighter laid hose from their tanker and attacked the fire.  As additional personnel and equipment arrived hose was laid back from the tanker to the nearest hydrant and more personnel entered the home.  I could see firefighter climbing on the roof as others tried to extinguish the flames from inside.  The homes family gathered outside as the firemen and our RMCSD officers did their jobs.

The fire was extinguished and from Via Sereno you would not know the piece of this family home had been so violated. However from the back I could see and hear firefighters with chain saws, axes and pool-hooks pulling apart the roof and walls looking for hot spots.  By 10:15 the last of the emergency personnel were gone, the street was again dark, but the terrible smell of
the fire that caused such turmoil was still heavy in the air.

Thank you to the first on the scene RMCSD Patrol Officers, and to the SMFD Firefighters, all of whom help protect us every day and night.

Bob Tauber



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