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Neighbors on De La Cruz Drive who investigated a loud noise Sunday evening discovered a ramshackle outbuilding at the edge of the North Course's third fairway had collapsed. According to author Naida West, who lives next to the course on the remaining Granlees ranch property, the building is the largest of several frame structures located between the golf course and her property that date from the 1930s and '40s, when the property was a working ranch. For golfers, it has been part of the scenery on the North Course forever, and that didn't change, at least immediately, after it fell down.

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North course outbuilding

It's always been in my mind that there was a short movie shot in this building starring Doug McClure in the 80's. Never could remember specifics. It was about the time we moved out of Rancho Murieta for a few years.

Upon it's demise I decided to check it out. Sure enough in 1987 a short movie, Aces and Eights, was shot in the Sacramento area starring Doug McClure, Steve Railsback and John Ford Coley. ( Not to be confused with Ernest Borgnines Aces and eights ) The plot was about a murder over a poker game. Since John Ford Coley was a favorite entertainer ( England Dan (Seals) and John Ford Coley ) I went to his site and sent an E-mail. He wrote back personally verifying that the movie was indeed shot here at Rancho Murieta and he's sorry the building collapsed. Doesn't remember the month but that it was " frrezing ". He's not aware of any film available of it.

Just some trivia. I'm sure others who were here then may remember more.

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Thanks, Gene!

Gene, thanks so much for sharing that -- and for taking the initiative to contact John Ford Coley.  Like you, we can't find any trace of the 1987 "Aces and Eights" online.  Anyone know anything about the movie or remember anything about the filming here in RM?

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